• Transcript Requests 

    There are 2 types transcripts: paper and electronic. Please read the descriptions carefully to uderstand timeline of order and payment requirements. Paper and electronic transcripts will be ready for distribution Mid-June (around June 15th or later) as set by Duval County Public Schools.

    TRANSCRIPT ORDER FORM: Class of 2024 FINAL TRANSCRIPT REQUEST ONLINE FORM. This form opens May 1, 2024 and closes July 31, 2024.

    PAPER: Each paper transcript request will include 2 official transcripts and 1 UNOFFICIAL transcript. You can receive 2 official transcripts and 1 UNOFFICIAL transcript without a fee being accessed. After the 2 official and 1 unoffical requested transcripts, there will be a $2.00 fee for each transcript thereafter. All requests will be completed in the order they were received. Paper transcripts are pick up or mail only. Paper transcripts are NOT emailedThere will not be any same day service. Payment is made at time of pick up. For mail orders, payment can be dropped of to the records office or mailed to Sandalwood High School, Attn: Records, 2750 John Prom Blvd. Jacksonville, Fl 32246. Cash or money only. No personal checks will be accepted. 

    ELECTRONIC: Electronic transcripts will be submitted to the state portal and will be transmitted electronically to the college/university you requested. (In state colleges only) Electronic transcripts are not sent to out of state schools. Out of state requests will not be honored and students will need to follow the paper order request, pick up transcripts and mail themselves. 

    Current and former students (up to the past 10 years) may order transcripts by completing this online form: Transcript Request Online Form

    Former graduates beyond 10 years must request transcripts from the district by calling (904) 390-2088.

    *See below for important details regarding transcript ordering.

    Bright Futures Community Service Hours Submission

    Community service hours MUST to be turned into the Records department intermittently throughout the student's high school career. Only original forms with hours totaled at the bottom will be accepted. In order for a student to earn a graduation cord, 100 hours must be turned in during the student's Senior year. (NHS does not forward Bright Future hours to Records).

    Students must have community service hours approved by the school counselor prior to completion of hours. Sandalwood students need to make a copy for their records and turn in the original. Students must complete Updated Community Service hours form each school year. Students are responsible for turning in their Community Service hours. For Seniors to earn their graduation cord the deadline is May 1st of every year.

    Students can access their Bright Futures evaluation by logging on to Bright Futures Page. 

    Address Change

    In order to change an address of a student, proof of address must be in the form of lease or mortgage statement and JEA bill. The form must be submitted to the records office with supporting documentation to be changed.   Address change form

    Florida Virtual School Grades Submission

    Students must print out and bring Florida Virtual School grades in to their guidance counselor. These grades/records are NOT auto-generated into our system from FLVS and may delay registration into the appropriate classes or delay credit(s) appearing on your transcript. You may also contact your school counselor to ensure they have access to records through the FLVS database.

    *Transcript Timeline and Details for Ordering

    ALL Record requests, including transcripts, take 24-48 hours to generate and proper identification is required at pick up.

    Once transcript requests are received, they will be ready for pickup the following Tuesday or Thursday. 

    (Ex. request is received on Monday 1/1, the transcript will be ready on Tuesday 1/2.) 

    (Ex. request is received on Tuesday 1/2, the transcript will be ready on Thursday 1/4.)

    Transcripts are not emailed or faxed. Printed transcripts can be picked up. Transcripts can be sent by the student to recipients. 

    Electronic transcripts are sent to Florida public colleges and universities.

    For those living outside of the country, state or in the military, please contact the Records department to inquire about best methods for obtaining your documents. 904-646-5100 or email brookss1@duvalschools.org.

    Transcript requests can be ordered online by clicking the link at the top of the page.