• The mission of Technology Services, in part, is to support schools and families in improving student success by ensuring access to all learning materials both at school and at home. To achieve this mission, students in middle and high school are assigned a laptop to be carried with them from class to class. Students will also bring this laptop to and from home. This device information, including estimated value, can be found within OneView, under the My Devices link. To ensure students have access to necessary learning material, it is crucial that the laptops are charged and restarted regularly to receive necessary updates. Should a problem arise with the device, families contact the service desk at 904-348-5200.

  • ECF Grant Student Laptops

About the EFC Grant Student Laptops

  • To help close the technology gap for students in need, the district applied for a federal grant known as the Emergency Communications Fund grant.

    Through this grant, the district is able to loan 43,000 laptops to students. 

    We encourage all families in need to complete an application.

    This application is online in the parent's FOCUS account. It is called the “Parent Emergency Communications Fund Survey.”

    Applications will continue to be collected until all technology has been handed out. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What type of technology is available?

  • How do I apply?

  • How is eligibility determined?

  • What is the timeline for laptop distribution?

  • Where can I pick up the laptop?

  • Will students be able to take home the laptops?

  • Will students have to return laptops/hotspots at the end of the year?

  • If your student has received a district issued laptop, are they still eligible?

  • In what other ways will this survey information be used?

  • Does my student need to bring it to school for use?

  • Is my student the only one who is permitted to use the device?

  • What happens if my student loses their laptop power cord?