• Controlled Open Enrollment


    Duval County Public Schools has a Controlled Open Enrollment (COE) plan that allows parents to enroll children in a school outside of the attendance area. Parents are allowed to select one magnet and/or one special transfer option school. If a family accepts a special assignment, any waitlisted application for 2024 - 2025 will be canceled.  

    Controlled Open Enrollment applications will be placed at the end of the existing waitlist in a first-come, first-served manner. Placement is not guaranteed.




    2024 - 2025 COE Applications  

    If a student is placed at a new school, families will be notified by a member of the School Choice team.  You will only be contacted if/when a seat becomes available.  

    • Initial notifications regarding future special assignments for waitlisted students as well as those who applied under the Controlled Open Enrollment guidelines were sent on Friday, April 19th and again on Friday, April 26th. Thereafter, notifications will be sent to families every other week.  
    • Parents will receive an email notification if a student is placed in a new school.
    • Applications will be processed if there is seat availability.
    • Applications are not assigned a wait list number.

    For more information about this option, parents are encouraged to make an appointment with a school choice specialist. 

  • General Information

    • All students entering grades K–12 are eligible to apply
    • Non–Duval County residents are eligible to apply
    • Transportation is the responsibility of parent/guardian for special transfer option schools 
    • Transportation details for magnet schools
    • Schools not listed will not be considered
    • Late applications will not be accepted
    • COE applications are processed in the order in which they are received
    • If there is seat availability, families will receive notification of placement/assignment and next steps from the Office of School Choice
    • Upload a copy of your child's most current transcript when submitting applications to high school programs at Darnell-Cookman, Paxon, Stanton, and Wolfson.