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    Now celebrating over three decades of inspiring, nurturing, and teaching students, A-grade Alimacani Elementary continues to blend individual attention and technological advancement seamlessly together with our love for community and history. Our name comes from a Timucuan word meaning “sweet land by the sea,” and it certainly describes our beautiful locale. Here at Alimacani, our students learn academic fundamentals, good citizenship, and most important, that their education can take them wherever they want to go.

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  • Why Students Love Alimacani

    Our students love learning and playing alongside their friends while feeling seen and cared for on an individual level. Alimacani Elementary has robust programs for gifted students and students with special needs that do not remove them from the classrooms they share with their peers. Research shows this actually benefits the typical child just as much. We understand that every child is unique. Our goal is always to challenge each student but support them as well, fostering an environment of acceptance and inclusivity where no one feels singled out.

  • Why Parents Love Alimacani

    Parent inclusion and engagement at Alimacani is second to none. Our award-winning PTA plays an enormous role in shaping our students’ experience, and we deeply appreciate the passion, insights, and fun activities they create for the children. Even though we’re equipped to serve many students, we feel like a small, close family. We regularly hear from parents sharing how much they love knowing all of their children’s classmates and getting to know other Alimacani parents. They also love seeing the close bond that occurs between their child and our teachers.

  • What Your Child Will Learn

    Alimacani’s outstanding team of educators excels at getting students invested in their own success from the very beginning and then guiding them on their journey. We offer pre-K throughout the school year for Exceptional Education students, as well as an extremely popular VPK program for 4-year-olds, where our students get ready and excited for learning. Students enjoy a terrific summer camp with fun activities and amazing field trips. Alimacani is also in the process of major technological upgrades including a new student-run TV studio, and classroom learning with interactive whiteboards. Exciting changes are happening!

  • Why We Are Unique

    The culture at Alimacani is a special blend of cooperation, patriotism, tradition, and curiosity, influenced by our history and location. Conveniently situated near the Naval Station Mayport, we serve many military families, but we also welcome a quarter of our student body from outside our neighborhood. It’s an eclectic, vibrant mix that gives our students a chance to learn even more together.

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  • What makes our school unique is our belief in developing a well-rounded student. Beyond academic growth, our goal is to develop students who are responsible, respectful, and always do their best. – Principal Stalls

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