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  • All About the First Coast High School Early College Education Academy:

    FCHS Early College FAQs Presentation

    TENTATIVE FCHS Early College Course Progression

    Early College Program Application

    The application process for the Early College Program is managed by the DCPS Office of High School Acceleration Programs. Please visit their website for more information about the application process. 

    Early College Dual Enrollment Eligibility Requirements

    • 3.0 unweighted cumulative high school GPA and maintain a 2.0 college GPA
    • Counselor approval for courses
    • Post-secondary ready scores (see below)
    • Students who earn one (1) or more final grade of D, F, FN, NA, or W in a dual enrollment course are not eligible for enrollment in dual enrollment courses the subsequent DCPS semester. This rule applies across all dual enrollment programs and partner institutions. 
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  • Early College Dual Enrollment Continuation Criteria

    • Alg 1 must be completed by July 30th, before 9th grade 
    • 3.0+ cumulative unweighted GPA by end of each semester of 9th grade
    • Reading & Writing college-ready scores met by end of 9th grade
    • SLS must be completed by end of first semester, 10th grade
    • Math college-ready score in hand by April 1st, 10th grade
    • Earn 9 FSCJ credit hours by end of 10th grade

    Unwritten Rules of Early College

    • Always contact your Early College coordinator the moment you realize there is an issue.
    • Students need reliable & consistent access to a computer, printer, and the internet. This has to be more than what they can access on their phone.
    • Make sure professors know your name & face by introducing yourself after the first class.
    • Every course has a published syllabus. Find it. Print it. Follow it.
    • Pay attention to the Professors’ Office Policies or contact methods.
    • Attend every class, be early for class, & stay until the professor dismisses the class – EVERY CLASS – regardless of the attendance policy.
    • Bring your textbook(s), notebook, and something to write with to every class. 
    • Take notes in your notebook (not your phone) every class.