OMS Uniforms
  • Student Dress Code


    Solid Khaki or Navy-Blue or Black twill pants.
    No more than one size larger than the waist
    Worn to the waist
    No low-rise, sagging, or ripped pants/jeans
    No cargo/carpenter pants, leggings, or sweatpants of any kind.
    Belts must be worn with pants with belt loops.

    Walking Shorts/ Skorts/Skirts

    Solid black, khaki or navy blue twill pants, ankle-length, knee-length shorts or knee-length skirts are allowed.
    No more than one size larger than the waist
    Worn to the waist
    No shorter than 1” above the knee
    No boxers, running shorts, or ripped/torn denim of any kind.

    Shirt Styles/Jackets

    Short or long sleeved solid colored polo-style solid w/collar
    Shirts should fit appropriately
    No visible logos, designs, or pictures on shirts unless the OMS logo
    No bare waists, midriffs, bare backs, and/or low necklines permitted
    Zip or button up jackets or sweaters in solid black or navy are allowed.
    No hoods, pullover sweaters, sweatshirts or hoodies


    Shoes must have closed toes and heels
    Shoes w/rubber soles are rec
    Shoes with heels are NOT permitted
    NO flip flops or sandals of any kind will be permitted.
    Athletic shoes must be worn for physical education classes.

    Please reference the Duval County General Code of Appearance for additional dress code policies. DCPS Code of Appearance

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    OMS Dress Code Policy