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  • Neptune Beach Elementary School

    2022-2023 VOLUNTEER Reference Sheet

    (Adapted from DCPS School Board Policy, Chapter 9-Section 9.63)



    Definition of “Volunteer”

    Volunteers are defined as any nonpaid person who may be approved by the School Board or its designee. School volunteers may include, but are not limited to, parents, senior citizens, students, and others who assist the teacher or other members of the school staff.


    All volunteers MUST do the following::

    • Complete the online DCPS volunteer application and submit to and successfully pass the FDLE sexual predator check.
    • Submit to a separate Level II national background screening if being left alone with a student for specific purposes (i.e. tutoring/mentoring).
    • Respect and follow the school’s expectations for appropriate conduct and safety procedures as it pertains to visitors and volunteers.
    • Coordinate with school personnel (i.e. teachers, support staff) to schedule a conducive day, time, and specific purpose for volunteerism.
    • Sign in at the Main Office before going to the assigned volunteer area.
    • Wear an ID badge provided by the school AT ALL TIMES while on campus.
    • Accept responsibility for renewing volunteer status in advance of the expiration date. Individuals without an active status WILL NOT be able to volunteer.

    Approved volunteers may engage in activities, such as the following:

    • Assisting in the classroom, office, or library.
    • Acting as a tutor or chaperone who is never left alone with a student.
    • Assisting with school or extracurricular activities (i.e. after school programs, class parties, field trips) with other adults.
    • Assisting with activities for school-based organizations (i.e. PTO, SAC, NEHS) with other adults.

    Volunteers MUST always act in accordance with the following:

    • Use appropriate language when speaking with students and other adults.
    • Discuss age-appropriate topics.
    • Refrain from inappropriately touching students.
    • Refrain from disciplining students, and refer behavioral issues/concerns to a teacher or other staff member.
    • Refrain from giving students gifts, rewards, or food items of any kind without the teacher’s permission.


    **The principal has the final authority of volunteer access and assignment for his/her school!


  • Neptune Beach Elementary School

    2022-2023 VISITOR Reference Sheet

    (Adapted from DCPS School Board Policy, Chapter 9-Section 9.60)


    Definition of “Visitor”

    Visitors are defined as a parent, volunteer, vendor, or other person who is not an employee of the School Board who enters the premises of a school.  


    All visitors MUST always act in accordance with the following::

    • Visit the Main Office to explain the purpose of their visit and obtain permission for the visitation and an ID badge (to be worn AT ALL TIMES while on campus).
    • Have approval in advance by the Principal or designee to enter a classroom during an instructional period.
    • Refrain from engaging teachers during periods of student supervision and/or discussing individual students during class sessions.
    • Refrain from loitering in and around the school premises.
    • Refrain from interrogating or questioning students on District property.
    • Conduct themselves in a manner that is not disruptive, threatening, or abusive to members of the school community.
    • Use appropriate language when speaking with school staff and/or other adults.
    • Only travel to the school area discussed with personnel in the Main Office pertinent to the rationale for the school visit.


    *The principal has the final authority of visitor access for his/her school!


    **All visitors shall be made to feel welcome, shall be allowed to express concerns or questions to the appropriate person, and shall be treated with dignity and respect.