• Whitehouse Elementary participates in the Presidential Youth Fitness Program.

    The Presidential Youth Fitness Program provides a model for fitness education within a comprehensive, quality physical education program. The program provides resources and tools for physical educators to enhance their fitness education process. This includes:

    • FITNESSGRAM® health-related fitness assessment
    • Instructional strategies to promote student physical activity and fitness
    • Communication tools to help physical educators increase awareness about their work in the classroom
    • Options to recognize fitness and physical activity achievements

    The Presidential Youth Fitness Program has replaced the President’s Challenge Youth Fitness Test to emphasize the role of schools in promoting the health and well-being of ALL students.


    Whitehouse Elementary - Jump Rope for the Heart. 




    What is Jump Rope for Heart? 

    Established in 1983, Jump Rope for Heart is our skipping and fundraising program run in schools throughout the year. It encourages kids to have a positive attitude towards exercise, healthy eating and heart health while raising vital funds to fight heart disease.


    Whitehouse Elementary School Wildcat Run/Walk Club

     Run / Walk Club

    The run walk club’s purpose is to provide fun healthy exercise for the students, parent/guardian volunteers and faculty at Whitehouse Elementary School.  Participants of the club have the opportunity to release energy constructively, improve aerobic fitness, set run or walk goals, bond with their classmates and develop a healthy habit of exercise.  The club also helps builds self-confidence within oneself thus fostering a stronger bond and appreciation for our school.  Go Wildcats!!

    Students can earn incentives or rewards by showing good sportsmanship, being a team leader, thinking safe and of course by earning miles walking or running each time present.  Necklace tokens are rewards.

    Criteria:  There are two clubs and one is very specific which is; the Wildcat Extended Day Early Release Run/Walk Club.  You have to be currently enrolled in Extended Day for this run/walk day.  The run/walk club that is available for every student to participate in has the criteria in which students must have a parent/guardian pick them up for transportation home.  There are no buses.  

    Who:  All students, parent/guardian volunteers and faculty.  Volunteers must be background screened through our front office and DCPS.

    How many?  We have over 90 students in just the Thursday’s club.  Most of the extended day students are registered for their portion of the club not to mention some go on Thursdays as well.  Some are still figuring it out.

    Where: The run/walk course is held at the Whitehouse Athletic fields.

    When:  Extended Day Early Release Run/Walk Club is held on the first early release of each month.  Early release run/walk times start from dismissal and end at 3:10 p.m.  The regular run/walk club is held every Thursday from dismissal and the students must be picked up by 4:00 p.m.

    How does it work?  Participants run/walk laps around the inside of the baseball fields.  Each time they walk a lap they receive a popsicle stick representing one lap.  A total of five (5) sticks equals one mile.  The whistle will blow when the session has ended.  They will record their laps and sticks after a cool down lap is completed.

    Rules:   1.  Listen and follow directions the first time they are given.

    1. Stay in permitted running areas at all times.
    2. Wear comfortable clothes for athletic activity and closed toe shoes.
    3. Use the restroom before the start of the club.
    4. To ensure safety, ALL students MUST check out before leaving with a parent or guardian.
    5. All students shall be picked up at the front office.

    Lifestyle opportunities outside school:  All participants of the Whitehouse Elementary Wildcat Run/Walk Clubs have the opportunity to run in the Junior River Run in March.  We had over thirty (30) students register for the free training program which automatically registered them for the 1 mile Junior River Run 2019.  They receive a free t-shirt, free entry and race packet delivered to our school.  The race is on a Saturday so transportation is up to the participant’s family.  We will have more information available as the race date approaches.