• Resources and Educational Opportunities for Military Students

    DCPS is a choice school district. Families are provided with the opportunity to select their student’s learning pathway through our School Choice Office.  As the district has many choices, enrollment options include your local neighborhood school and schools like ours, that have a dedicated program theme.  Here at Oceanway Middle, our military students live in the neighborhood or request a seat assignment by applying through the district’s lottery or by submission of a Military Transfer Option.   If you are interested in enrolling with us, please contact the school choice office to apply for your military enrollment priority.

    Information about magnet and special transfer option schools is available digitally on our School Choice Reference Guide and on the Welcome to School Match 2022 website.  Learn more about the application process.

    If you have young siblings, Duval County Public Schools also offers a variety of activities early learning programs that prepare children for successful entry into kindergarten. Parents may enroll their children aged 3-5 in a standards-based, developmentally appropriate school year program or the Summer Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten program for children entering kindergarten in the fall.  Qualified families may choose to enroll in a comprehensive early learning program (Head Start) for students as young as three years of age.

    High School Acceleration Programs. They are designed to shorten the path to a traditional 4-year college degree by providing opportunities for students to begin earning high school and college credits as early as middle school.

    Parent Academy. Duval County Public Schools is a FREE family resource that promotes parental involvement, enhances student achievement, and supports a caregiver's need for personal and individual growth. Parent Academy courses are offered virtually through Microsoft Teams.

    The parents academy focuses on the following three fundamental categories: 

    1. Student Achievement

    Workshops and activities provide parents and caregivers with the necessary tools to promote students' academic achievement as well as provide support in navigating the school system. 

    1. Parenting & Advocacy

    Workshops and activities provide innovative tools and strategies to effectively enhance parenting, student advocacy, and leadership skills.  

    1. Personal & Individual Growth

    Workshops and activities provide empowering information, motivation, and encouragement for the personal and professional growth of parents and caregivers. 

Last Modified on June 1, 2023