• Military Hero Wall of Honor November 2022

    Posted by Deborah Brown on 10/31/2022

    Attention military families, this school year our school has applied to become a Purple Star School of Distinction.  Mr. Robert Kennedy, Retired Senior Chief Petty Officer U.S. Navy will be our school contact.  We will have a military hero wall of honor display in our lobby.  We ask our active, retired, and veteran military families to email pictures to Mrs. Castaneda at castanedaw@duvalschools.org to display on our wall.  Please include the name, rank, and branch of service.


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  • Information on Mental Health Challenges Facing Military Students

    Posted by Deborah Brown on 10/17/2022
    • The School Health Services Program is intended to minimize health barriers to learning for public school students in pre-kindergarten through 12th grade.  It addresses day-to-day student health needs, emergency health needs, and in-school management of chronic and acute health conditions like diabetes, asthma, allergies, and epilepsy.  In-school care management helps to ensure that student health conditions do not prevent students from attending school. 

    Abess Park Elementary School is proud to provide mental wellness support, at no cost to families, through Full-Service Schools and Hazel Health. United Way of Northeast Florida -- Jacksonville is a diverse city with diverse needs. Full-Service Schools recognizes that achievement is fostered in and out of the classroom, and the initiative brings together community resources, neighbors, and schools to promote the health and well-being of students, their families, and neighborhood residents.  The Full-Service Schools collaboration enables United Way and its partners to connect nearly 3,500 students and families to a critical range of therapeutic, health and social services and address non-academic barriers to success in school.

    Full-Service Schools can help:

    • children whose grades are dropping
    • families who are in crisis
    • students who are having trouble controlling their emotions

    Hazel Health has partnered with Duval County Public Schools to provide access to quality health care services for all students, at no cost to families, this school year. A school health representative can initiate a video visit with a Hazel health care provider while your child is at-school to provide either physical or mental health services. Therapy sessions with Hazel Health are a safe space and are private and confidential.

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  • Upcoming Military Recognition Events

    Posted by Deborah Brown on 10/17/2022
    • Veteran’s Day Ceremony- November 10th at 9:30 a.m. at our Flag Post in the front of the school, hosted by our patrols and chorus.  All are welcome to join us.
    • Flag Raising in honor of President’s Day- February 16, 2023 @ 9:30 a.m.
    • Flag Raising in honor of Memorial Day- May 26, 2023 @ 9:30 a.m.
    • *Month of the Military Child- April 2023
    • *Purple-Up Day Celebration- April 2023

    *Military children and families are invited to assist in the planning of activities.

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  • Information on Exceptional Student Education

    Posted by Deborah Brown on 10/17/2022
    • The Exceptional Education and Student Services Department is committed to supporting students with diverse learning needs, their families, and schools in providing access to a high-quality education. The Exceptional Education and Student Services Department provides services and supports for students with disabilities, gifted learners, and other eligible students. 

    The EE/SS Placement Office provides support to schools and parents with placements and transportation arrangements for students who receive exceptional education services in self-contained* or low-incidence settings.  School placements are made based on the student’s residential address or the address from which the student is transported.  Transportation arrangements to self-contained/low-incidence school sites are set up to ensure that students access their ESE services at the school closest to their address that has their recommended setting and available space.  The Placement Office is available throughout the school year to answer questions regarding placements in ESE self-contained/low-incidence settings and to process transportation requests.  Please direct all questions to ESE_Placement@duvalschools.org.  Our school offers the Communication and Social Skills (CSS) Pre-Kindergarten self-contained program for eligible 3 to 5-year-old children.

    If the student is transferring into Duval County from another state or country and they have received special education services, follow these steps.

    1. Contact the neighborhood school. The neighborhood school can be identified by using the school locator 
    2. Provide the student’s most recent IEP and documents, and
    3. Request to speak to the Registrar, Exceptional Student Education Lead Teacher, or School Counselor.

    Comparable services at the designated school will be provided until the school district conducts an initial evaluation (if determined necessary) and develops, adopts, and implements a new IEP that meets Florida eligibility requirements.

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  • Information on the School's Student Led Transition Program

    Posted by Deborah Brown on 10/17/2022
    • Here at Abess Park Elementary School we have a student-led military child transition program, hosted by our Student Council. Our program consists of selected student team leaders who, with the support of their adult advisors, play a vital role in our school community by supporting youth who are in transitional phases of their lives. New students receive an individualized tour of the school, students who will be moving or have a family member deploying/on deployment receive support to help make the transition easier.  
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  • Resources and Educational Opportunities for Military Students

    Posted by Deborah Brown on 10/17/2022
    • DCPS is a choice school district. Families are provided with the opportunity to select their student’s learning pathway through our School Choice Office.  The district has many choices and enrollment options, including your local neighborhood school, dedicated magnet schools and schools like ours, that have a choice school theme.  Here at Abess Park Elementary, our military students live in the neighborhood or request a seat assignment by applying through the district’s lottery or by submission of a Military Transfer Option.   If you are interested in enrolling with us, please contact the school choice office to apply for your military enrollment priority.

    Information about magnet and special transfer option schools is available digitally in our School Choice Reference Guide and on Welcome to School Match 2022 website.  Learn more about the application process.

    If you have young siblings, Duval County Public Schools also offers a variety of engaging early learning programs that prepare children for successful entry into kindergarten. Parents may enroll their ages 3-5 child in a standards-based, developmentally appropriate school year program, apply for 4-year old aged child to attend Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (available at our school for families living in a Title 1 school neighborhood, or the Summer Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten program for children entering kindergarten in the fall.  Qualified families may choose to enroll in a comprehensive early learning program (Head Start) for students as young as three years of age.

    High School Acceleration Programs are designed to shorten the path to a traditional 4-year college degree by providing opportunities for students to begin earning high school and college credits as early as middle school.

    Parent Academy of Duval County Public Schools is a FREE family resource that promotes parental involvement, enhances student achievement, and supports a caregiver's need for personal and individual growth. Parent Academy courses are offered virtually through Microsoft Teams.

    Parent Academy focuses on the following three fundamental categories: 

      1. Student Achievement

    Workshops and activities provide parents and caregivers with the necessary tools to promote students' academic achievement as well as provide support in navigating the school system. 

      1. Parenting & Advocacy

    Workshops and activities provide innovative tools and strategies to effectively enhance parenting, student advocacy, and leadership skills.  

      1. Personal & Individual Growth

    Workshops and activities provide empowering information, motivation, and encouragement for the personal and professional growth of parents and caregivers. 

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  • Academic Planning for Military Families

    Posted by Deborah Brown on 10/17/2022
    • DCPS Mission

    To provide educational excellence in every classroom, for every student, every day.


    Academic Services is responsible for the overall development, implementation, supervision, and improvement of instructional programs. 

    High School years are characterized by evaluation of strengths, skills, and abilities; reliance on peer acceptance and feedback; and separation from parents and family in order to explore and define their independence and make plans for the future.  For students who entered ninth grade in 2013 and thereafter, Standard Diploma Graduation Requirements.

    Our Student Progression Plan presents school staff, parents and interested community members a guide which reflects state statute, school district policies and administrative procedures. 

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  • Transition Planning for Military Families

    Posted by Deborah Brown on 10/17/2022
    • Welcome Military Families!

    Thank you for choosing to be a part of Team Duval. With Naval Air Station Jacksonville and Naval Station Mayport in Duval County, we are home to hundreds of military families and look forward to helping your children thrive academically. 

    The district’s Office of School Choice serves as the link between base commanders, military families, and our school. They will assist you with completing the initial enrollment process. Upon choosing to enroll at Abess Park Elementary School, our military transitional staff will support you with completing your school-based registration process. Our student transitioning team has received specialized training in supporting our military students.  We look forward to welcoming you to Abess Park Elementary School, a Science and Music choice school. For transitional enrollment support, please reach out to our school’s Military Point of Contact, Mr. Robert Kennedy, for school transitional planning and support.  Mr. Robert Kennedy can be reached by phone (904) 220-1260 or by email at kennedyr@duvalschools.org to schedule your student lead transitioning tour of our school today. 


    Student Registration

    Families new to DCPS must create their Parent and Student FOCUS accounts by visiting the online enrollment process at https://dcps.duvalschools.org/enroll

    We know that transitioning into a new school can be stressful, so please reach out to our Military transition team after you have completed the initial district enrollment process with the Office of School Choice. To further support and destress your family’s introduction into our learning community, active-duty service members, of transitioning military students, can request a one-on-one orientation session. Our school military transition team will guide you through the enrollment process for our school. To request our military student transitional support, please contact our school’s Military Point of Contact, Mr. Robert Kennedy by phone at 904-220-1260 or at kennedyr@duvalschools.org.  For general information and support regarding registering at our school, please contact Ms. Lisa Frederickson, our Data Entry Clerk, at (904) 220-1260 or at fredericksonl@duvalschools.org.

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  • Military Support for Families

    Posted by Deborah Brown on 9/27/2022

    We are proud to support our Military Students!

    Please see some of the many resources available below. 

    Transitional Planning:

    My Navy Portal – My PCS
    Interstate Compact for Military Children
    Military One Source
    Department of Defense Education Agency
    Military Kids Connect
    Military Teen on the Move
    Military Installation Guide
    National Military Family Association


    Educational Resources & Opportunities:

    Florida Department of Education  

    Navy MWR Digital Library

    Tutoring (FREE)

    Step Up for Students Reading Scholarship  


    District contact for students with Individual Educational Plans:


    ESE Admissions and Placement

    Duval County Public Schools

    4037 Boulevard Center Drive

    Parent Resource Building B, 1st Fl.

    Jacksonville, Florida 32207

    Main Phone: 904-348-7760

    Fax: 904-858-3612


    School-based contact:

    Mrs. Frederickson



    Special Needs
    Florida Inclusion Network
    Military One Source Exceptional Advocate eNewsletter
    Navy EFMP Respite Care



    Additional Contacts 

    Installation Partners
    Fleet and Family Support Center
    Youth Activities Center
    Teen Center

    Youth Sports



    School Liaison Officer Naval Station Mayport

    Sharon Kasica


    (O) 904-270-NAVY (6289) X1305

    (C) 904-219-3894

    School Liaison (navymwrmayport.com)


    Exceptional Family Member Program

    Gregory B. Tanner

    EFMP Liaison

    Fleet and Family Support Center (FFSC)

    Naval Station Mayport, Florida


    (904)270-6600 x1713

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