• Exceptional Student Education Services


    The Exceptional Education and Student Services Department is committed to supporting students with diverse learning needs, their families, and schools in providing access to a high-quality education. The Exceptional Education and Student Services Department provides services and supports for students with disabilities, gifted learners, and other eligible students. 


    The EE/SS Placement Office provides support to schools and parents with placements and transportation arrangements for students who receive exceptional education services in self-contained* or low-incidence settings.  School placements are made based on the student’s residential address or the address from which the student is transported.  Transportation arrangements to self-contained/low-incidence school sites are set up to ensure that students access their ESE services at the school closest to their address that has their recommended setting and available space.  The Placement Office is available throughout the school year to answer questions regarding placements to ESE self-contained/low-incidence settings and to process transportation requests.  Please direct all question to ESE_Placement@duvalschools.org.


    If the student is transferring into Duval County from another state or country and they received special education services, follow these steps.

    1. Contact the neighborhood school. The neighborhood school can be identified by using the school locator 
    2. Provide the student’s most recent IEP and documents, and
    3. Request to speak to the Registrar, Exceptional Student Education Lead Teacher or School counselor.
    4. Comparable services at the designated school will be provided until the school district conducts an initial evaluation (if determined necessary) and develops, adopts and implements a new IEP that meets Florida eligibility requirements.