DCPS Military Veterans Certification Pathway Process

  • 1. Apply for the (MCFW) Military Certification Fee Waiver - (fldoe.org)

    2. Once approval is received,schedule to take an appropriate bachelor’s level subject area examination (except Exceptional Student Education K-12) FTCE/FELE Home  (nesinc.com)

    3. Once a passing score is achieved - Apply for certification with the (FLDOE) Florida Department of Education - Public Online Services (fldoe.org)

    Submit the following documentation to the FLDOE:

    · DD-214 – Verify 48 months of active-duty Military service

    · Official Transcript – Verify 60 hours of college credit (2.5 GPA)

    · Passing Score on SAE – DOE should have this on file when completed

    You will then receive an Official Statement of Status of Eligibility from the FLDOE verifying your certification status. If the document reflects that you are eligible proceed to step 4.

    4. Apply for Employment with DCPS Careers / Employment Opportunities (duvalschools.org)

    Upload the following:

    · Official Statement of Status of Eligibility

    · DD-214

    · Official transcripts

    · Passing score report

    Please indicate on your DCPS Application that you are seeking veterans preference in the appropriate location

    5. After you have completed all of the steps listed above please contact Arthur Perry (perrya@duvalschools.org) for next steps.