Middle School Reproductive Health & Disease Prevention Education
  • 6th Grade



    6th grade practices skills surrounding setting boundaries and setting limits with healthy relationships.


  • 7th Grade



    7th grade reinforces boundaries and limits, while introducing beginning to date with effective communication and refusal skills practice.

  • 8th Grade



    8th grade focuses on healthy relationships along with pregnancy and STI prevention methods with skills practice emphasizing communication skills and refusal skills.

  • 6th Grade Scope & Sequence

  • 6th Grade Lesson Guides

  • 7th Grade Scope & Sequence

  • 7th Grade Lesson Guides

  • 8th Grade Scope & Sequence

  • 8th Grade Lesson Guides

  • After reviewing materials and if you so choose to exempt your student(s) from the Reproductive Health and Disease Education curriculum, you may do so by logging into your Parent Focus account to complete the process.


    Detailed instructions to guide you through the process can be found here.