Past Reconsiderations

Year Title First Name Last Name Recommendation Level Reason for Reconsideration
1998-99 101 Ways To Bug Your Parents Lee Wardlaw Open Shelf Elementary School Rude, Disrespectful
2007-08 Acorn People, The Ron Jones Parental Permission Elementary Inappropriate for elementary schools
2005-06 Addie's Dakota Winter Laurie Lawlor Open Checkout Elementary, Middle & High School Offensive Language
2008-09 Adventures of Super Duper Diaper Baby George Beard Harold Hutchins Open Checkout Inappropriate content, Spelling errors
2002-03 AIDS Crisis, The: A Documentary History Douglas Feldman Parental Permission - Middle School Open Shelf - High School Inappr. Middle
1988-89 Alas, Babylon Pat Frank Unrestricted Remain Honors II English Profanity
1999-00 Alice The Brave Phyllis Reynolds Naylor Reserve - Middle School Open Shelf - High School Sexual Content; Inapp. Mdl
2022-23 Always Changing and Growing Proctor and Gamble Supplemental health curriculum Continue use for instruction Grade 5 Not appropriate for any students
2003-04 America E.R. Frank Parental Permission - Middle School Open Shelf - High School Inappr. Language, Sexual Content
1992-93 American Indian Myths & Legends Pantheon Unrestricted High School Sexual References
1991-92 Anastasia Krumpnik Lois Lowry Unrestricted Middle School Inapp. Elem
1996-97 Angels in America Tony Kushner Remove High School Adult; Inapp. High
2000-01 Animorphs, The Proposal K.A. Applegate Open Shelf Elementary Violence
1992-93 Arbor House Book of Cartooning Mort Gerberg Parental Permission High School Pictures
1983-84 Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret. Judy Blume Unrestricted Middle School Religious, Sex
1998-99 Arizona Kid, The Ron Koertge Parental Permission - Middle School Open Shelf - High School Inappropriate Sexual Content
2003-04 Art: 21, Art in the Twenty-First Century PBS Home Video Parental Permission Ninth & Tenth Grades Pornographic Photography
2006-07 As I Lay Dying William Faulkner Parental Permission - Middle Open Checkout - High School Profanity/Racial Slur
1992-93 Autobiography of Malcolm-X Alex Haley Parental Permission Middle School Inapp. Behavior
1983-84 Badge of Madness James Wilwerth Unrestricted High School Profanity/Sexual Content
1986-87 Bang! Bang! You're Dead Louise Fitzhugh/S.Scop Parental Permission Elementary Violence
2000-01 Bedford Intro to Drama/cnt play:Angels in America Lee A. Jacobus Play Remain Removed Txtbk avlbl w/ParentNotific - High School Sexual Interaction/Excessive Profanity
2006-07 Beyond the Chocolate War Robert Cormier Open Checkout Middle & High School Strong Sexual Content, Disrespect
1996-97 Black Boy Richard Wright Unrestricted Middle & High School Racial, Profanity
1983-84 Blubber Judy Blume Parental Permission All grades Profanity
2005-06 Body Art Book, The Jean-Chris Miller Open Checkout Midde & High School Anatomical Terminology
1993-94 Book of Devils & Demons Ruth Manning-Sanders Parental Permission Elementary Occult
2004-05 Boy Who Cried Wolf,The Tony Ross Open Checkout Elementary, Middle & High School Too suggestive drawing for Elementary
1994-95 Boy Who Lost His Face, The Louis Sachar Parental Permission - 6th Gr. Unrestricted 7th and up Profanity
1994-95 Breaking the Fall Michael Cadnum Parental Permission Middle School Aberrant Behavior
2001-02 Bridge to Terabithia Katherine Patterson Open Shelf Elementary, Middle & High School Inappopriate Language
1992-93 Buster's World Bjarne Rueter Parental Permission Middle School Sexual References
1992-93 Butter Battle Book, The Dr. Seuss Unrestricted Elementary Violence
1988-89 Call of the Wild, The Video Parental Permission Middle School Profanity/Sexual Overtones
1986-87 Can You Sue Your Parents Paul Danziger Unrestricted Middle School Too Mature for Elem.
2002-03 Castle Dreams John DeChancie Open Shelf High School Gaphic - explicit scene
2008-09 Catch 22 Joseph Heller Open Checkout Sexual escapades, Profanity, Rape, Murder
1978-80 Catcher in the Rye J. D. Salinger Parental Permission High School Offensive language
2006-07 Catcher in the Rye J.D. Salinger Open Checkout High School Prntl Prm HS (1979-80)
2006-07 Caucasia Danzy Senna Parental Permission - 6th Gr Open Checkout - 7th Gr & Up Foul Language, Inappr. Actions
2007-08 Chanda's Secrets Allan Stratton Parental Permission Elementary Sexual content
1993-94 Chelsey & The Green Haired Kid Carol Gorman Unrestricted Grades 4 and up Murder/Profanity
1984-85 Chicken and the Egg Oxford Scientific Pres Parental Permission Elementary Animal mating
2001-02 Child Called "It", A Dave Pelzer Open Shelf Middle & High School Profanity
1993-94 Children of the Sun Jan Carew Parental Permission Elementary (Mythology) Occult
2000-01 Children On Troublemaker Street, The Astrid Lindgren Open Shelf Elementary Objectionable Language
1990-91 Chillers (The Folktellers) Record Unrestricted High School Witchcraft/Profanity
2004-05 Chocolate War, The Robert Cromier Parental Permission - Middle School Open Checkout - High School Vulgar, Inappropriate for Children
1995-96 Christina's Ghost Betty Ren Wright Unrestricted Rec. Grade 4 & up Violence
1994-95 Completely Mad Maria Reidelbach Unrestricted High School Illustrations