• Safety Nets

    Stanton offers many opportunities for students to improve their skills in their courses. The information below contains many of these opportunities.

    Teacher tutoring schedule: https://dcps.duvalschools.org/Domain/5636

    Progress Reports and Scholarship Warnings
    Progress Reports are given out once each grading period.  Scholarship warnings are sent home when a student is not meeting the standards.  The Progress Report serves as the Scholarship Warning if a student is not meeting standards on the issue date.

    Grade Portal/Online Grades - You can create a new username and password for the new Focus parent portal by following the instructions at http://www.duvalschools.org/Page/14497

    Tutoring Schedule by Subject- Every teacher offers extra help per this schedule. Please note that the student MUST notify the teacher ahead of time for tutoring. 

    Learning Labs- Receive extra support for specific subject areas such as Biology, Geometry, Writing, Reading, Test Prep, and more.

    Study Skills - Establishing good study habits is key to success at Stanton College Preparatory School. Listed below are some resources that can help you:

    • Diane Tall’s Study Skills Course - The pages contained in this section are those that were handed out during Mrs. Diane Tall’s Study Skills Workshop that was sponsored by the PTSA and presented to parents and students.
    • Study Skills Strategies - Check out www.studygs.net for study strategies on a variety of topics including: preparing, learning,  studying, classroom participation, learning with    others, online learning, reading skills, preparing for tests, taking tests, writing basics, writing types, research project management, math, science and technology.

    Test Taking Skills:  Click here for a list of test preparation sites.


    • All Freshmen students are invited to participate in our Ignite Mentoring Program.  This program pairs a Stanton senior with a Stanton freshman to help students make the adjustment into the college prep curriculum and to face the challenges of a high school setting.  Please contact Mr. Fessenden  for more information -fessendenk@duvalschools.org 

    Were you tested Gifted?  Gifted students are provided services even in high school here at Stanton.

    • If you see "Skills for Students Who Are Gifted" on your course schedule, visit room 702 before school, after school, or during lunch to set up a consultation with Ms. Hohne.