Eligibility and Application

  • Sandalwood is happy to offer students the privilage of driving to school and parking on campus during the school day. Parents and students should carefully read the information below regarding parking pass/decal cost, eligibility and rules/regulations regarding this privilege. Parking applications are submitted online using the form on this page. To ensure the parking application is approved, make sure ALL the required information is submitted with the application. If you have questions, contact Mr. Yoo at yooj@duvalschools.org

    $55 - Initial Parking Pass/Decal

    $25 - Replacement Pass/Decal

    Eligibility requirements
    • Valid Drivers License
    • 2.0 GPA
    • 16 years old
    • Not more than 4 unexcused PERIOD absences for the prior 9-week period
    • No CLASS III/IV referrals and/or not more than 3 CLASS II referrals for the current/prior school year.
    • Partial schedule students who do not meet #1-4 will be issued a temporary/probationary pass, but will lose the pass for violations listed below.


    Required documents: Student Information, Parent Information, Vehicle Information (Registration, Make, Model, Year, Color, License Plate Number), Insurance Information (Card, Company Name, Policy Numer, Expiration Date), Parent Signature Sheet (see online form).

    2023-2024 Online Application Link  


Rules and Regulations

  • Students that do not follow the rules and regulations of Sandalwood High School and the DCPS Student Code of Conduct could lose their parking privilege on campus and/or get their car towed. If a permit is revoked, a parent conference will be required for a permit to be reinstated. However, this reinstatement is at the discretion of the administrator.  Please note, if a car is towed it will be at the expense of the student

    • No reckless driving, speeding, or driving anywhere other than in the parking lot.
    • No parking in unauthorized areas, including someone else’s parking spot or areas not zoned for student parking.
    • No leaving school grounds or attempting to leave without permission.
    • No leaving or attempting to leave campus with an unauthorized student in the car.
    • Do not allow another student to drive your car on campus.
    • No sitting, sleeping, or eating in car.
    • No going to car for any reason without permission from an administrator or office staff. 
    • Non-compliance with eligibility requirements may result in revocation of parking privilege.
    • Parking decal MUST be visible in car at all times.

    Towing Information

    If a car is towed as a result of a violation of the Rules and Regulations, students will be required to pay for the towing service. If a car is towed, students will need to contact Adkinson Towing Company at (904) 260-3000.