• Duval Elementary Schools Foundation for Life Success

    Caring teachers delivering an academically challenging elementary curriculum

    The earliest years are the most important in child development, and we make sure elementary school students have the foundation to succeed.  Our teachers, principals, staff, and partners are working together to create the path to success for every child. 

    From prekindergarten through the elementary years, your child will experience an intense focus on reading and an approach to mathematics emphasizing problem solving and understanding, not just memorization. Engaging experiences in science, technology, and social studies will keep things very lively. Art, music, physical education, and recess will build the brain and the body while creating lifelong school memories. All of this takes place in a setting where teachers and school leaders are working to build a love of learning and an enthusiasm for being in school. Our schools provide the perfect balance of rigor and high expectations in a caring environment. We work to make Monday through Friday their favorite days of the week! 

  • Help and support for students is always close

    Whether your child’s need is academic support, mental or emotional health, or even physical health, our elementary schools are equipped to surround students with the support they need to succeed in school and throughout life. Everything we do creates a momentum of success and a love of learning that energizes a successful launch to middle and high school.


    Special learning paths for special students

    Our public schools fully support children with diverse learning needs. With strong foundations beginning in elementary school, our exceptional student education programs lead to some of the highest graduation rates in the nation for students with disabilities.

    For students with limited English language skills, you’ll find an entire community in our English for Speakers of Other Languages program working to ensure they are able to thrive in school, as well as support for family members striving to prosper in our community.


    Choosing the perfect school for your child

    In most cases, your local zoned elementary school is probably a perfect fit for your child. All schools have high academic standards and offer exceptional classroom experiences. Your zoned school is typically close to home, which makes it easier to be engaged with teachers and school activities. There will always be a seat for your child at your comprehensive, attendance-zone neighborhood school, but if your child is already expressing passion for a life direction, we can run with that.

    Duval is a choice district, which means your child can attend any school with an available seat. You can explore public schools with special themes and programming, and consider if any of those options might be a better fit for your child. To attend a magnet school (where we provide school bus transportation) or any other school (where parents must provide transportation), you must submit a special application. If you want to attend a school other than your zoned neighborhood school, be sure to learn about the school choice process


    My child is struggling in some way. How can I get help?  

    Our goal is to ensure that all students thrive. If your child is struggling in any way, we want to intervene quickly. Your first contact for support should always be your school principal. Principals in Duval County Public Schools are empowered to address most common issues. However, if the principal is unable to address the issue, each school reports to a region superintendent for elementary schools. Just reach out to the elementary office to connect with a leader who can help ensure your student gets back on track to success.