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  • Kernan Trail Elementary School is the perfect launching point for your child’s lifelong success. A school with acclaimed academics and nurturing teachers, your child couldn’t be in better hands.

    Parents cite our STEAM program as what they love most. STEAM, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math, allows for a deeper, broader, more useful, and fun approach than the “teaching to the test” curriculum found in many other schools. STEAM is the way education should be—but that’s just the beginning of what we offer. No matter what your child is doing throughout the day at Kernan Trail, we make sure the experience is engaging, enjoyable, challenging, and inspiring. We feel that’s what inspires a lifelong love of learning.

  • Why Parents Love Kernan Trail

    With two decades of experience, Kernan Trail provides high-quality elementary education that parents can trust. We’ve cultivated a bright and passionate faculty of amazing teachers who love getting to do what they do best: guiding children through joyful discoveries and achievements in a supportive environment. We also work closely with our community of parents, gathering feedback and providing information resources, so that our students’ learning journeys can continue seamlessly between school and home.

  • Why Students Love Kernan Trail

    There’s never a dull day at Kernan Trail Elementary, certainly not if our full-time Art, Music, PE, and Computer Science teachers have anything to say about it. Our students are always working on exciting projects that help them apply their new knowledge in memorable and exciting ways. Rather than just inching their way through dry math and reading textbooks, they learn about software programming and discuss literature and storytelling. Theme months, guest speakers, arts extravaganzas, and science fairs ensure that learning never becomes monotonous and our small capacity, fewer than 700 students, creates a close family atmosphere.

  • What Your Child Will Learn

    Every letter of the STEAM acronym is important to us, and each one holds multitudes of specialties to explore. Our goal is to make sure each Kernan Trail student gains an appreciation for the roles each aspect of STEAM might play in their lives and get to explore one or all of them in as much detail as possible. We also excel at Exceptional Student Education (ESE), identifying areas where students need special support or accommodation in order to get the most out of school, and we provide it either within the regular classroom or in dedicated programs.

  • Why We Are Unique

    We believe elementary school should be about helping children discover and develop new aptitudes and interests, not placing high-stakes pressure on them. Our students don’t need to pass advanced tests before gaining access to amazing educational resources and diving deeply into their favorite subjects. By bringing the specialized support you’d expect to find at a magnet school to an inclusive neighborhood school structure, we provide every student with the time, space, attention, and materials they need to chart the full expanse of their potential.

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  • “Kernan Trail Elementary is a dream come true as a parent. Honestly, everything about this school is everything I’ve ever wanted for my child.” – Cristina Soto, Parent
Kernan Trail Elementary School
2281 Kernan Blvd S, Jacksonville, FL 32246