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  • Bartram Springs Elementary School has been an “A” school since it first opened its doors in 2009, and we consistently apply the highest standards in caring for students and supporting their academic journey. The highest potential is within reach of the students who make Bartram Springs Elementary their school.

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  • Over 10 Years with an “A” Grade

    In addition to maintaining our “A” grade, Bartram Springs has held tight to a devoted staff with some having served our students from the beginning. This dedication creates a nurturing environment where students can explore the joy of learning with trusted, respected and much-loved adults.

  • We’re All Neighbors

    Imagine the quintessential elementary school where children walk to school and parents are all neighbors — where the teachers help your child for the entirety of your student’s time there, and the principal is involved in the daily life of the school. That is Bartram Springs Elementary. Many of our students live in the area and are as close to each other as they are to the school, they call home. It may be old-fashioned, but it creates an environment where all the children get along.

  • Thinking Outside the Box - Gifted and Academic Enrichment

    Bartram Springs students are challenged by their teachers, who are free to explore lessons outside the confines of a routine curriculum. We boast one of the few National Elementary Honors Society chapters in the county. The program, along with our accelerated academics, gives students a chance to develop values of higher learning, service, leadership and character. The school is also home to an arts acceleration program where students interested in pursuing an education at one of our esteemed art schools can begin building their portfolio.

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  • “At Bartram Springs Elementary, we believe every student will rise to the level of expectation given the appropriate opportunities. Bartram Springs has a diverse faculty and student body. Our varying perspectives have enabled us to create a culture for learning that ensures our Eagles will soar to greater heights.” -Principal Kimberley Wright
  • Bartram Springs Elementary School
    14799 Bartram Spring Pkwy, Jacksonville, FL 32258