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  • Originally founded in 1893, Loretto Elementary School knows the importance of both history and staying on the cutting-edge in education. We work tirelessly to maintain the high standards established generations ago. As an “A” grade school, we never rest on our laurels and are continually innovating to serve students better. We’ve evolved a long way from our 19th-century roots to become the technology magnet school we are today, but through it all, we’ve always encouraged our students to learn from the past in order to create an amazing future.

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  • Why Parents Love Loretto

    No matter your child’s starting point, the faculty at Loretto Elementary will work closely with you to help your student soar. Teachers make classroom learning as exciting and interactive as possible. We also offer after-school assistance, if needed. For the most advanced learners, we have a gifted program that is challenging but supportive. We also have specialized programs tailored to the needs of children with autism. Whatever kind of support your student needs to reach his or her goals, you can count on us to deliver.

  • Why Students Love Loretto

    Loretto students have access to cutting-edge learning technology throughout our facilities, including computer labs, interactive whiteboards in nearly every classroom, a student TV studio, and our especially popular 3D printer. Students can also study music and art under highly trained, full-time faculty members devoted to these mind-expanding subjects. Our students love getting hands-on experience in skills they can use in the world as it is and use to help create the world as they envision it. All this while having fun along the way.

  • What Your Children Will Learn

    Starting as early as kindergarten, your child will begin developing practical, real-world computer skills, which include Microsoft Office, web-based presentation tools, and principles of internet safety. We start on these skills early because we know they’ll be indispensable to your child’s future, both in and out of school, no matter what path they choose to take in life. Our students consistently test well in core subjects like language arts, history, and math, and they have plenty of opportunities to take their interests even further.

  • Getting Your Child Ready for Middle School

    From our youngest to our oldest students, we are preparing your child for the next step — middle school. Middle school is a challenging time for students. We make sure your child is ready mentally and socially for the big adventure of being a middle schooler, so it is a smooth — not scary — transition into the higher grades.

    All Loretto students can enroll in our technology magnet program. When they do, they have the option to choose between multiple middle schools, like the math, science, and technology schools at Springfield Middle School or Mandarin Middle; or the all-boys and all-girls schools at Young Men’s/Young Women’s Leadership Academy. With the advantages of an “A” grade education coupled with technology training, your child is ready to take on middle school and the world.

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  • “Gifted students will find classes that challenge and push them to even greater heights.” – Brittany Turner, Teacher
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