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  • Fort Caroline Elementary is an Arlington area school serving grades Pre-K-5. We maintain a consistent staff of teachers who are devoted and dedicated to their students. Our teaching philosophy is to focus on the positives of each child and to focus on the academic learning and social growth of students. Our students have academic goals for all content areas and take great pride in their improvements. Academic accomplishments do not go unnoticed at Fort Caroline Elementary!

  • Building character improves academics

    Academics are important, but the key to good academics is the character to manage and pursue them. At Fort Caroline, we want to empower students to believe in themselves. We want them to be excited about setting goals and surpassing them. It takes grit and confidence to succeed, and our academics inform both the minds and the hearts of students. Intelligence must be coupled with character.

  • Dedicated teachers

    Our teachers are dedicated to excellence in teaching and student learning. Teachers collaborate, share best teaching practices, come early, and stay late to plan and prepare for student’s daily instruction. The teachers put in the extra time to ensure students do not fall behind. Our teachers are dedicated to the success of your children and want them to succeed with the best education possible. We work to provide students with the knowledge and tools they need to be successful.

  • A stepping stone to Fort Caroline Middle School of the Arts

    For parents who believe their children are destined for creative greatness, whether it’s talent in singing, painting, musical instruments, or theater, Fort Caroline Elementary can serve as a stepping stone to Fort Caroline Middle School of the Arts. The school is situated next door to the elementary school and the two schools collaborate and allow opportunities for K-5 students to explore the curriculum they could follow as middle schoolers.

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    • Safety Patrols
    • Boys & Girls Club
    • PBIS – Positive Behavior
    • Extended Day
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Fort Caroline Elementary School
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