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  • Originally created as a STEM school (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), Twin Lakes Academy Middle School excels in those areas and so many more. At Twin Lakes Academy, you’ll find one of the most well-rounded schools in our city, including all academic areas, the arts, and sports. Our campus is the perfect environment for future doctors, inventors, astrophysicists, entrepreneurs, and other future leaders to learn and thrive. No matter who the student is and what interests he or she has, opportunity, encouragement, and support await.

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  • Why Parents Love Twin Lakes

    No matter what your child’s academic level, we are passionate about helping every child reach his or her potential. With standard, advanced, and accelerated courses, there is a place for every student. Those who need a little extra help are guided to success. Advanced students can go wherever their hard work takes them. We offer a certified gifted program, overflowing with opportunities for your child to take a deeper dive into their talents and achievements. With our pre-AP honors and pre-early college programs, students can earn high school and even college credit in middle school!

    Parents also love our convenient location, right off of Interstate 295 and next door to Twin Lakes Academy Elementary. Morning routines are easy for busy families with kids of different ages.

    Finally, you’ll find teachers and the administration are responsive to any needs or concerns. They also do a phenomenal job of keeping parents in the loop every step of the way during the school year.

  • Why Students Love Twin Lakes

    There are as many different reasons to love Twin Lakes Academy as there are students enrolled here. For some, it’s the STEM courses. For others, the drama club. The true magic of Twin Lakes Academy comes from variety. There’s no better place for students to discover their passions and develop their strengths thanks to an impressive variety of programs. They’ll also love the supportive, home-away-from-home environment at Twin Lakes Academy. Our engaged, dedicated staff strives to make every student feel comfortable, safe, and valued while they pursue their true potential.

  • What Your Child Will Learn

    Twin Lakes Academy students learn what every middle school student should: a foundation of critical knowledge and subjects that interest them most. Of course, it’s not just what they learn but how they learn. We have experienced, dedicated teachers who bring learning to life. Whether it’s the arts, history, foreign language, technology, leadership, critical thinking, or any other area, our broad range of classes means motivated students and no boredom. We have the perfect mix to thoroughly prepare your child for high school, complete with a love of learning that will serve them for years and years to come.

  • Why We're Unique

    At Twin Lakes Academy Middle School, you get all the amenities of a large school with many benefits you would typically expect only at a small school. Thanks to our size, students can take advantage of endless opportunities in and out of the classroom. Our academics, arts, and athletics offer something for everyone. We have a diverse student body, so your child will get to make new friends who are different from them.

    At the same time, students receive incredible personal attention, customized learning, and teachers who truly know each student’s strengths and weaknesses and can help them develop socially and emotionally.

    Twin Lakes Academy Middle School isn’t just a wonderful place for your child to spend their middle school years, it will serve as an invaluable step on the path to a successful, fulfilling future.

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