• Title II-A


    Title II, Part A - Supporting Effective Instruction

    Overall Purpose:

    The purpose of Title II Part A is to provide grants to school districts also referred to as local educational agencies (LEA) in order to:

    • Increase student academic achievement through strategies such as improving teacher and principal quality and increasing the number of highly qualified teachers in the classroom and highly qualified principals and assistant principals in schools; and 
    • Hold the district and schools accountable for improvements in student academic achievement.

    Examples of Title II Part A Activities: 

    • Developing and implementing mechanisms to assist schools in effectively recruiting and retaining highly qualified teachers, including specialists in core academic subjects, principals, and pupil services personnel
    • Developing and implementing initiatives to assist in recruiting highly qualified teachers (particularly initiatives that have proven effective in retaining highly qualified teachers), and hiring highly qualified teachers, who will be assigned teaching positions within their fields (including recruiting and hiring highly qualified teachers to reduce class size, particularly in the early grades)
    • Providing professional development activities
    • Developing and implementing initiatives to promote retention of highly qualified teachers and principals, particularly within elementary schools and secondary schools with a high percentage of low-achieving students
    • Carrying out programs and activities that are designed to improve the quality of the teacher force
    • Carrying out professional development activities designed to improve the quality of principals and superintendents, including the development and support of academies to help talented aspiring or current principals and superintendents become outstanding managers and educational leaders
    • Hiring highly qualified teachers, including teachers who become highly qualified through State and local alternative routes to certification, and special education teachers, in order to reduce class size, particularly in the early grades.
    • Carrying out teacher advancement initiatives that promote professional growth and emphasize multiple career paths (such as paths to becoming a career teacher, mentor teacher, or exemplary teacher) and pay differentiation
    • Carrying out programs and activities related to exemplary teachers

    For grant participants - Title II, Part A Digital Compliance login site

    Kindly email federalprogams@duvalschools.org for the Title II, Part A award or an individual school plan for participating charter and private schools.