Arts and Athletics

  • Arts

    All of our students have one thing in common: they have a brain with tremendous potential. And research consistently reveals that creative pursuits – visual and performing arts – stimulate growth and development across many intellectual and emotional sectors of the brain. That’s why almost all of our elementary and middle school students have arts and music embedded in their school experience. It is absolutely true that this instruction will help students develop creatively and build specific artistic skill. But it is also absolutely true that this instruction will help them build language and mathematical reasoning capabilities and improve emotional skills. For the student who begins to transform from a student in art class to a future artist, the opportunities in Duval are among the best in the nation. The road to one of our award-winning high school bands, theatre groups, choral groups, as well as our world-renowned Douglas Anderson School of the Arts, can begin in elementary school. Learn more now!


    Duval’s high schools are known (and feared) around the state for their excellence in all men’s and women’s sports. Middle school programs help prepare students for the intensity of high school competition.

    Our student-athletes learn the discipline and commitment it takes to succeed. They also learn how to translate those values into academic pursuits and other life goals.

    Every year, the trophy case of state and regional championships gets a little bigger, and more students sign those well-earned commitment letters for scholarships to university competitions at all levels. Learn more now!

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