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  • Biscayne Elementary School:

    The Adventure Of Learning

    Our educators take our students on an adventure. Learning is more than standards and proficiencies. We bring creativity and fun to our classrooms.

  • High Expectations

    We expect the best of our students, and they bring their best. Every day. The expectations are high, but we believe in our students and encourage them. The challenges breed confidence in our students. And success.

  • Why Students Biscayne Elementary

    Biscayne Elementary is the Stellar Choice for your family. Our passion is to help your child become anything they want to be. Whatever your child imagines, we believe they can achieve.

  • What Your Child Will Learn

    Our students learn that success in school is the only way to realize their dreams. We believe our students will discover the cure for cancer, invent ground-breaking technology or become the President of the United States. We encourage them to create long-term goals. Never let them give up, allow them to make mistakes, and learn from them. We instill life-long skills that mold your child’s success.

  • Unique Programs and Clubs:

    • Chorus
    • Distinguished Gentlemen
    • Extended Day
    • Girls Dance Team
    • Girls Step Team
    • Safety Patrols
    • Science Club
    • Teachers of Tomorrow
    • Track Team
  • “Everything we do is centered around student achievement. It is not just a job for us. It is a passion, and it shows through the stellar work of our teachers and our students.”
  • VPK - 5 Grade
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  • Biscayne Elementary Leadership Academy
    12230 Biscayne Blvd. Jacksonville, FL. 32218