Attendance Matters!

  • Image of attendance logStudents returning to school from an absence are required to present a written explanatory excuse from their parent or legal guardian stating the cause for the absence.  

    The following causes are acceptable excuses for being absent:
    (1) illness or injury of the student;
    (2) serious illness or death in the student's family;
    (3) inclement weather;
    (4) official religious holiday;
    (5) a bus failure or a bus being late.  

    A physician's note is needed when
    (1) the student has been absent for 3 are more consecutive days,
    (2) has had surgery,
    (3) is returning to school after hospitalization,
    (4) has been under the doctor's care for a significant illness, or
    (5) is returning to school after being excluded because of a communicable disease.  

    You have up to 3 days to turn these notes in after the student has returned to school, or they will not be excused.