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  • West Riverside is a school rooted in a long and successful history that is fully focused on preparing your child for a great educational future. Our academic outcomes make us one of the best choices for elementary education on the Westside. We do what most elementary schools do in two languages (English and Spanish), and we think you’ll agree we do it better! Come by and see the West Riverside difference!

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  • Why Parents Love West Riverside

    Our parents love that our school is twice the school compared to other elementary schools. Our strong academic results are even more impressive when you consider your child will be learning a second language while in elementary school. Language development builds the brain in other ways. Students who learn a second language also improve problem solving, critical thinking, creativity and more. Knowing a second language will give our students an academic, career and life advantage that will last forever.

  • Why Students Love West Riverside

    It’s amazing to see how much students love their growing ability to communicate across cultures. Besides building their language superpowers, they also love the caring nature of our school community. The diversity of our student body is celebrated every day. The friendships that develop are special as students experience academic success in such a unique, bilingual environment. West Riverside students are a part of something very special. Students realize that and find real joy in this unique experience.

  • What Your Child Will Learn

    Your children will learn that they are awesome. They will discover their awesomeness as they develop a second language in an encouraging, nurturing, engaging, and culturally diverse learning environment. They will learn everything you expect them to learn to be successful in upper grades, and they will become self-motivated by their success to continue thriving in future school and life experiences. They will also learn to be great citizens with capabilities to navigate cultural experiences in an increasingly global society.

  • Why We're Unique

    Our old school building is only part of our charm. To really understand how we are different, you need to experience our school community. Language doesn’t separate us. It unites us as we demonstrate the caring and friendship everyone would like to see in a multicultural community. Our work and our success are also a big part of our identity, but what makes us West Riverside is the joy that’s brought to school every day and shared, nurtured and cherished by students and staff alike.

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