• Chaffee Trail Elementary Est 2007

    Parent Handbook


    Chaffee Trail Vision Statement

    To provide the basis for all students to become LIFE-LONG learners and well-rounded citizens.

    Mission Statement

    Engage all students in meaningful work, empower them to become responsible citizens so that they excel as productive citizens.

    Casie Doyle


    Arrival/Dismissal Procedures


    Attendance and Tardiness:

    In order to ensure academic success, students are expected to attend school on time daily, from 8:25-3:00 P.M. Any student arriving after 8:30 A.M. will be marked tardy. Parents must park and walk students in after 8:30 to sign the students in as tardy. Parents are required to send a note when a student is absent.  Please allow teachers ample time to prepare make-up work when students are absent.  For safety reasons, students will only be released to parents, authorized guardians, and those listed on the student information card via the main office.  Patrols are selected based on a rubric which includes academic grades, student conduct, attendance and tardiness.


    Early Checkout:

    Students shall not be released after 2:15 p.m. The close of the school day is an important time for students, and interruptions caused by calling into classrooms makes it difficult for teachers to finalize instruction and adequately prepare students for dismissal. Please schedule doctor appointments to avoid conflicts with the school’s checkout policy. If students are checked out during lunch, recess, or resource, they may not have access to their belongings in the classroom.


    Morning Arrival Procedures:

    To ensure student safety, ONLY drop off car riders in the car loop located in front of the school.  Students are not to arrive on campus before 7:50 A.M. unless they are enrolled in the Extended Day Program.  Extended Day opens at 7:00 a.m.   If a student is left on property before 8am, the parent will be contacted to return to wait with the child. Breakfast is available each morning from 8:30-8:45 A.M. 

    As students arrive, they should immediately report to their hallway.  Students will sit outside of their classroom and silently read a book (Voice Level 0). Adults are on post in the hallway to supervise students until the bell rings. Safety Patrol assists when needed.



    Afternoon Dismissal Procedures:

    This year Duval County Public Schools will be using PikMyKid for after school dismissal. Information for how to sign up will be provided at Orientation. It is also located on our school website and school social media. Parents will now have the ability to change their child's dismissal via the app until 2:00 each day. Changes will only be made via the parent in the portal. You will sign for and receive your vehicle tag at orientation. If you need additional tags for other family members you will be able to request up to 2 additional tags on the first three days of school or via the agenda, these additional tags will be sent home via your child's agenda the first week of school per your completed/submitted request application. Original CTE made Car tags must be present and visible in the car rider line. Those without the car tag will move to a holding area and wait for assistance. Please be patient and remember the delay is for the safety and security of your children.

    Parents of car riders are to remain in their vehicle until their child is placed in the car.  All car riders are required to have an official PikMyKid Chaffee Trail car tag visible. Students are escorted out of the building and matched with their car as they approach the building. Parents will receive a PikMyKid car tag with student name and number at Orientation. Please keep the car tag visible to staff until your student is in your vehicle. This will help to expedite a safe and secure dismissal.

    This year it will be the parent’s responsibility to make any dismissal change before 2:00 p.m. using the PikMyKid app.  PIkMyKid is a free app available through all app stores. All information pertaining to PikMyKid will be provided at Orientation. If you have questions, contact your child’s teacher. Dismissal tags will be issued with signature of receipt at orientation. Car tag use begins DAY 1 of school. If you did not receive your tag during orientation, you will be able to obtain these on Monday – Wednesday from 8:00am to 8:30 am the first week of school in front by the flagpole (must have ID). After that, car rider tags must be purchased from the lobby front desk (with a valid id).

    Parents can help ensure safe and convenient transportation by communicating any changes to the teacher via PikMyKid app. Frequent changes in dismissal transportation make it confusing for the child and the staff.  Please be consistent.  Changes to transportation must be made in the PikMyKid app by 2:00pm on a regular day and 12:00 on an early dismissal day.

    Car rider line will load from the cafeteria this year. Please make sure you allow space for your car to be able to pull around if it loads before the one in front of you. Help us keep the line moving by following the directions of the attendants on the sidewalk. When the student loads into the car the app will push out a notification that your student has departed. This will be similar for bus riders and walkers.


    Standard Dismissal Times:  

    2:45 – Car Riders                            

    2:50 – Buses

    2:50 – Walkers

    3:15 – Extended Day


    Early Release Dismissal Times:   

    12:40 – Car Riders

    12:45 – Buses

    12:45 – Walkers   

    1:15 – Extended Day


    Kindergarten Dismissal Procedures:

    A signed KINDERGARTEN DISMISSAL INFORMATION form must be completed for each kindergarten student indicating his or her daily transportation arrangement. This form will be required the first day the child rides the bus. This information includes the address and bus stop location. Kindergarten students who ride a bus will wear an ID indicating their address and bus stop during the first two weeks of school.


    Bus Procedures:

    Bus Information

    • Kindergarten Students: Students will need to have their Kindergarten Dismissal Letter to ride the bus. Letters were in the registration packet (yellow sheet) and should have been filled out and returned with the packet. Kindergarten and first grade students will be seated in the front rows of the bus. Reminder: the parent or designated person must be at the bus stop in the afternoon. If the designated person is not at the bus stop in the afternoon, the bus driver will return the student to the school.
    • Students must apply for bus transportation in Focus.
    • Please make sure your student does not remove the bus tag from their backpack. Students will be seated in the front rows of the bus.
    • Remind students with siblings to inform the bus driver or bus dismissal teacher (located at buses) if their sibling(s) are not on the bus.
    • Check the bus times on the bus route to ensure your student is at the bus stop on time in the morning. There is a 20-minute window to allow for flexibility in the event of circumstances beyond the driver’s control (railroad crossing, traffic, etc.) District bus transportation can be reached at 904-858-6200.

    Bus Expectations

    • DCPS School Board policy 8.34 and FS 1006.25 require students to wear seatbelts on school buses.
    • Students are to sit with their back against the back of the seat and stay in their assigned seat once they board the bus. The only time they are to get up is when the bus driver or school supervisor asks them to move. They can alert the driver of a need by raising their hand.
    • Drivers have been instructed to write referrals for students not wearing their seatbelt, if students are out of their seat, standing in their seats, and/or creating a safety hazard for themselves and others.
    • Students may talk to their seatmates while riding.
    • Students will keep their hands, feet, and objects to him/herself always.
    • State Board Rule requires the district to inform parents, guardians, and students at least annually in writing of their transportation responsibilities. This is accomplished via the Student Code of Conduct. An additional resource is the brochure “Are We There Yet?: Staying Safe Between Home and School”. This brochure can be found on the district website under Transportation/Bus Safety.
    • Coming Soon! Edulog Parent Portal This portal will allow parents to track bus location and give alerts when the bus is near the bus stop. Expected to launch Semester 2.



    Before/After School Programs


    Extended Day Program (Before and After School Program):

    Extended Day is available through DCF/Community Education before school from 7:00-8:00 A.M. and after school from 3:00-6:00 P.M. for a reasonable fee.  Directors Michelle Baker and Robyn Proctor are available to answer questions. Please contact our Extended Day office between the hours of 7:00am-8:00am and 3:12pm-6:00pm, for information at 904-693-7510.

    House Keeping Procedures


    Illness and Use of Medications:

    The office staff will attempt to contact parents/guardians in the event their child becomes injured or ill while at school.  Please make sure we always have your current phone numbers and the required emergency information available throughout the school year.  Parents are required to log in for all medications with the required health document with doctor and parent signature. These forms can be located on the DCPS webpage or picked up from our front desk. All medications must be in the correct prescription bottle labeled with the name of the child for whom the medication is intended. The dosage on the medication bottle label must match the doctor’s order in the signed documentation. A signed authorization form by the parents and physician is required for each student who needs to receive medication at school.  Over-the-counter medications may not be dispensed by office staff unless approved by a physician.  For safety reasons, students may not bring or keep prescriptions in the classroom. Prescriptions will only be dispensed as indicated on the medication label.


    Change of Address, Telephone, or Transfer:

    Please notify your child’s teacher AND the main office of any changes in important information.  Remember, parents must be available to authorize treatment in the event of an emergency. If you do not have a phone, please leave a number for someone who can reach you. In addition, to be seen in the clinic by our school health aid you must have a signed clinic permission form on file each year. These are found in the orientation packet. If for some reason yours is not in your packet, please reach out to the school for one.


    Permission Slips/ Field Trips:

    Signed parent permission slips are required for all students planning to participate in school field trips. Parents will be notified in advance of all school-sponsored field trips. Teachers may require parent attendance if student behavior warrants additional support. Permission slips and payment will not be accepted after the stated deadline. 


    Agendas/ Student ID Badges:

    Students are given an agenda the first week of school at no charge.  Replacement agendas cost $5.00. 

    Each student is also issued an ID Badge, which is used for the lunch, bus and check out library books. 

    Replacement costs: Badge/Lanyard $5.00, ID card $3.00, Lanyard $2.00.


    OneView and Focus Parent Portal:

    OneView is a communication, collaboration, and content management tool designed to empower members of the Duval County Public Schools community by providing personalized access to important data, resources, and services. To sign up for OneView please visit: https://oneview.duvalschools.org/. FOCUS (Duval County’s Student Information System) is an online system which allows parents and guardians to monitor student academic progress and attendance on a regular basis. FOCUS can be accessed through OneView. In order for this program to work you must link your student to your account. Please check your students’ grades on a regular basis in focus to support their academics. Report cards are published to the FOCUS PORTAL For additional help with a lost password or username issue please contact 904-348-5200 for help.




    The Duval County School Board recognizes the important role wellness plays in achieving high levels of student achievement and employee success in the work place. 

    • Birthday celebrations will include a special moment at recess of recognition by the teacher to highlight the individuality of student on their special day. Due to food allergies, approval by your classroom teacher prior to bringing in a store-bought snack is required. These snacks, once approved by teacher, can be left at the front desk for the teacher to share during their recess time.
    • If you would like to celebrate with your child, you can reserve a picnic table for lunch with your child. Please reserve your table in advance with a note in the agenda and a call to the front desk to get your name on the reservation list. Tables fill up quickly so you may want to reserve yours a few days in advance. (Check the weather forecast in advance. This is an outside picnic table with umbrella -we do not have an alternative space) You can only check out your own student for picnic table lunch.


    Community/ Parental Involvement



    We love to have volunteers with us on campus and on fieldtrips. In order to be a volunteer, you must be pre-approved by the district. The required form can be located at DCPSschools.org select the parent tab and then look for volunteer sign up forms. This system ensures the safety of our campus. While on campus please dress in appropriate clothing and reframe from using your cell phone for pictures and recording of students. Upon arrival you will check in at the front desk and your driver’s license will be scanned. You will then receive a badge for the visit. You will Sign-In the volunteer book each time you visit our school.  The cumulative volunteer hours for Chaffee Trail are used for special recognition awards. All volunteers will enter and exit through the main office and use the front office area restrooms if needed.



    We invite parents to participate with the Parent Teacher Association (PTA).  The PTA strives to involve all members of the community in the improvement of the educational process for the students we serve. While you may not have a lot of time to volunteer, we ask that you take advantage of this opportunity to partner with the school in your child’s success. PTA plays a large role in supporting our students by providing fun learning experiences that motivate students to become lifelong learners.  



    Parents are encouraged to join the School Advisory Council (SAC).  The SAC committee meets the 1st Thursday of each month to discuss school operations, budget, and current events happening at the school.  This is another opportunity to have a voice and to partner in your community's success.


    School Visitation:

    Parents and guardians are encouraged and welcome to visit the school.  Please provide current photo identification when coming to visit the school for any reason.  Classroom observations require advance scheduling. We also request that you contact your child’s teacher at least 48 hours in advance if you need to have a conference.  All visitors must report to the front office for student pick-up. You must be cleared as a volunteer for any classroom visitation, and chaperoning field trips.          



    Daily Procedures


    Dress Code:

    Shoes must have closed heels or backs.  Tops without backs, halter-tops, see-through tops or tops that do not cover your stomach are not allowed. Shorts and skirts must be mid-thigh length. Clothes with improper language or pictures will not be allowed.  Hoodies, hats, caps, bonnets or other items are not to be worn on campus. For more information, please see the Student Code of Conduct. 



    Cafeteria Services:

    Breakfast is served from 8:30-8:45 A.M. daily. Students also have a 30-minute lunch. Bag lunches are permitted. Drinks and snacks are available for purchase from the cafeteria as needed. Please do not send any glass bottles or containers to school.  See the DCPS website for current menu.  Please do not send food that requires heating.

    Prices:  Breakfast:  FREE     Lunch: FREE



    Textbooks and library books are provided for your child’s use on a loan basis.  Please assist your child by keeping track of all school assigned books.  Parents are required to pay for any damaged or lost books. Students with outstanding balances are not allowed to check out books.


    Lost and Found:

    Lost and found student items should be returned to the office.  Please check with the front office to look through the lost and found box located on the stage.  Parents can avoid problems by labeling everything, especially jackets, coats and backpacks.



    Cell Phone/Electronic Readers:

    Students are permitted to bring cell phones to school.  By district policy, the phones must be turned off and put away during the school day. Students who do not comply may have their phone confiscated. A parent/guardian must pick up any phone that is confiscated.  Electronic readers are permitted; however, teachers will not store them and they must be taken home daily. School staff is not responsible for electronic devices that are lost or stolen. ELECTRONIC TOYS SUCH AS TABLETS, HANDHELD GAMES AND OTHER LIKE ITEMS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN SCHOOL. 



    ALL EARLY DISMISAL dates are posted on the DCPS calendar. Students must be picked up by 1:15. Be sure to make arrangements in advance for these dates.



    Important Phone Numbers:




            Main Office              693-7510

            Fax                               693-7932










    School-Wide Discipline Plan


    Students are expected to follow school rules and common area expectations for classrooms, resources, the cafeteria and the playground.  Chaffee Trail Elementary’s school-wide discipline plan includes:


    • We strive for Mustang P.R.I.D.E. here at Chaffee Trail. Students are encouraged to display a Positive attitude, Respect others, Integrity, Determination, and Engagement.
    • Consequences for not following the rules are provided in student code of conduct.  Please read the Student Code of Conduct for detailed behavior expectations.
    • Student will receive rewards such as positive notes, positive referrals for morning news, Student of the month recognition, quarterly conduct awards, etc. to recognize desired conduct.
    • Teachers will discuss their grade level plan in detail during Open House. All classes will use BLOOMZ this year to communicate classroom information and behaviors.



    Common Area Behavior Expectations


    Hallways (Morning Arrival)

    Guidelines/Expectations for Students:

    • Enter the building by walking on the right side of the hall.
    • Student reading is at level 0 – NO talking.
    • Students sit outside their classroom door crisscross facing the playground.
    • Every child must have a book in their hands.
    • Students may not leave their designated area(bathroom, library, pencil machine, etc.) without an adult giving permission
    • Students must follow directions given by hourly monitors and patrols and be respectful at all times.




    Guidelines/Expectations for students:

    • Students with a lunch box will be seated at their class table. Students receiving a school lunch will go through the lunch line  
    • Use appropriate table manners at all times and use a level 1 voice
    • Walk and maintain a Level 0 voice while entering and exiting.
    • Raise your hand for assistance.
    • Restroom should be used before coming to the café- emergencies may require exception.
    • Clean up after yourself.
    • No sharing of food. (Food Allergies)
    • Remain seated until dismissed.
    • Open containers are not to be taken out of the cafeteria.





    Guidelines/Expectations for students:

    • No physical contact.
    • Use age-appropriate equipment safely.
    • Look and listen for your teacher’s signal to leave.
    • Stay within assigned boundaries and where your teacher can see you.
    • Be patient, take turns and apologize if you accidentally touch another student.
    • No organized sports without adult referee (including football, basketball, kickball, etc.) Student must use school equipment this includes balls. Do not bring items from home.


    Dismissal (Bus, Car, Ext. Day)

    Guidelines/Expectations for students:

    • All students will remain in their classroom during the dismissal time, with the exception of Kindergarten and 1st grade who will be housed in the cafeteria – All students should be seated with their backpack and belongings ready for departure. Bus and Car rider names will be on their classroom tv screen.
    • Walk directly to their departure designation in an orderly manner (no running and or playing in the hallway, not stopping and visiting other classrooms)
    • Upon arrival to their dismissal area their name will be marked by the attendant for their dismissal location and a notification will be sent to the parent of the release from school.
    • Students who ride a bus with siblings. If they do not see their sibling on the bus, please alert the adult who takes attendance for your bus and the driver so they can make sure the student does not miss the bus.
    • Parents please do not exit your car while in the car rider line. Students must enter the car door closest to the sidewalk. We do not allow students to walk to the other side of the car into oncoming traffic side.
    • If you have a patrol, please do not hold up the car rider line. By accepting a patrol position, you are agreeing that your student will be dismissed later and thus you will need to wait in the DESIGNATED parking area for that time. If you arrive before 3:10 to pick up siblings please move to the parking lot area until your safety patrol is off duty.


    Assemblies/Flag Raising

    Guidelines/Expectations for students:

    • Level 0 during flag raising and presentations.
    • Be courteous listeners by facing forward and showing respect.
    • Students are to stand in the designated location or sit so others may see.
    • Stand still, hands by sides, voice level 0 at assigned spots for flag raising. 
    • Use the restroom before coming to assemblies and flag raising ceremonies.
    • Walk behind the person in front of you when entering and exiting designated area.
    • Students are encouraged to wear their school shirt and or red/white/blue            




    Friendly Reminders:




    Parent Reminders of campus rules and protocols for adult interactions

    • Always arrive on campus with a valid ID
    • Employees do their best to meet the needs of our many parents who visit from time to time. Please be aware that our first priority are our students. This may mean a parent will have to wait a few minutes while we tend to a child’s needs. Please be patient and understanding.
    • Please be mindful of your conversations while on campus with our children present. This includes music heard from the car rider line.
    • Bus Lane is for busses and daycares only
    • Bus driveway is only for custodial and cafeteria employees as well as service vehicles
    • Park in designated parking spaces -not ones self-created. Do not park in the grass or in the middle of parking lot lanes.
    • Our campus is tobacco free. No smoking of any kind permitted on campus. (The parking lot and driveway are part of our campus where smoking is also not allowed) Please be mindful that when we open your vehicle doors for car riders that others are exposed to the contents of your vehicle.  
    • In effort to respect everyone’s time please make an appointment with your child’s teacher in advance of coming to the school. Teachers are not permitted to stop instruction to meet with parents. This includes school administrators as well.
    • Multiple late pick-ups will result in an AIT conference with our team and principal to review the pick-up procedures.
    • School bus safety will be always enforced. If a student cannot follow the rules (stay in assigned seat, voice level 0, remain in seat while bus is in motion, keep hands to themselves, etc.) they will be removed from the bus per the student code of conduct. This would result in the parents arranging other modes for pickup and drop off. All students must be picked up no later than 3:15.
    • We conduct lockdown drills and fire drills monthly. Please discuss the importance of following the rules and listening to the responsible adult.
    • Please dress respectfully when on campus. Shoes and Shirt are always required. No pets allowed in the building (even if you hold them). Due to the growing number of allergies this is a safety issue.
    • Please help us maintain a clean environment by making sure trash does not accidentally fall on the ground while students are getting in and out of the car rider line. Often times, students will reach under the vehicle to pick up the trash and this is not safe. 


    Parent Handbook/School Wide Discipline Plan Acknowledgment Form

    Student’s Name________________________ Grade________

    Teacher’s Name________________________

    Our signatures acknowledge we have read and discussed the Chaffee Trail Elementary’s Parent Handbook and School Wide Discipline Plan.  This plan is located on our school’s webpage. (you can request a copy from the school office). We understand it contains information about the policies and procedures of our school.  We understand that the student code of conduct in its entirety can be located on the DCPS homepage under the parent tab. We understand the importance of discussing this document and its contents with our students. We have reviewed these rules and will help our child(ren) understand their role in making CTES a safe and enjoyable learning environment.

    Student Signature___________________________________


    Print Student Name__________________________________


    Parent/Guardian Signature ____________________________


    Print Parent Name___________________________________


    Parent email address_________________________________



    Note: Failure to return this acknowledgment form will not exempt a student and/or parent/guardian from responsibility for knowledge or non-compliance of the procedures or policies st