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  • Arlington Heights Elementary is a neighborhood school in the heart of Arlington. Students are inspired and prepared for future success by hands-on academics and classes in performing and visual arts. We have local community support with partnerships with the Boy and Girls Club after-school program and Read USA which provides free books to students and professional development for our teachers.

  • Where your child will reach for the stars

    We are a small school with a big heart in tight-knit community that feels like family. We expect the best of students and teachers, and we all strive for the highest standards.

  • The importance of your child’s literacy

    At Arlington Heights Elementary, we love our students. Fueled by compassion, we give children the engaging, fun instruction and care they need. Our full-time Reading Coach works with individual students to keep them on pace to succeed. Learning to read is the most important skill a child can have in their academic journey. Our focus on reading translates into success in all subjects, so our students the tools they need to excel grade after grade, long after they leave Arlington Heights.

  • It takes a village

    Arlington Heights is proud to boast partnerships with the Boys and Girls Club, Read USA, and faith-based partnerships with local places of worship. We believe that children perform at their best with the plenty of support. Side-by-side with our faculty, our community allies provide that extra lift that all children need to reach for the stars.

  • Special Programs, Clubs, and Activities

    In Arlington Heights, school days are vibrant tapestries woven with learning and excitement! From dazzling seasonal celebrations to empowering programs like Protecting our Princesses "POP" and Social Emotional and Academic Learning "SEAL Team", students can explore their inner heroes. Cheer on classmates at the Spelling Bee, unleash creativity at the Art Walk, and be recognized for your brilliance as "Student of the Month." Safety Patrols keep hallways buzzing, while JSO collaborations foster teamwork. Arlington Heights: where every day is an adventure!

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Arlington Heights Elementary School
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