• Individual Counseling 
    We're here to help students on an individual basis as needed. While we do not provide long term therapy, we are able to meet with students periodically throughout the year. Establishing and reaching goals, getting through life changes, anger management, resolving conflicts, and test-taking anxiety are just a few of the areas where we help our students improve and reach their potential. Students can be referred by a parent or teacher, or they can self-refer. Counselors are also available during lunches at the Counselor's Corner. While confidentiality is an important component of counseling, students are encouraged to share their feelings and discoveries with parents or guardians.
    Group Counseling
    Small group counseling is a great way to help students who are dealing with similar issues. Students can be referred for small group counseling through parents, staff members or themselves. Small groups vary throughout the school year depending on student needs and assembled data.
    Classroom Lessons
    Counselors collaborate with classroom teachers to provide classroom lessons throughout the year. This Tier 1 intervention allows counselors to provide evidence-based practices to meet the needs of the school.