• Instructions for RETURNING Students:

    Welcome to the Stanton College Preparatory School Course Request Page.  Please read the steps below and use the document links to the left to plan your course requests.  Many of your course progressions will already be selected for you, and you will not be able to change these requests. Current students will have an opportunity to meet with a school counselor or administrator in order to confirm your remaining course selections and if they meet graduation requirements.


    Step 1 - Download Course Progression

    • Based on your Program of Study (AP or IB)


    Step 2 - Use Planning Sheet

    • To help determine the best courses for you
    • If a student does not submit a completed planning sheet, their courses will be chosen for them. 


    Step 3 - Request Courses in FOCUS

    • Log into your student Focus account
    • Convert the school year to 2024-2025
    • Select the “My Information” tab then select “Class Requests”
    • Select your course requests


    Step 4 - Attend Mini-Meetings

    • These meetings are designed to ensure that you have graduation requirements scheduled. Use the tools available to make personal decisions about classes.
      • Rising Seniors ~ March 25 - 26
      • Rising Juniors ~ March 27 -28
      • Rising Sophomores ~ April 1 - 2


    Step 5 - Await Final Schedule

    • Usually the week before school opens.
    • Absolutely NO email requests will be honored!


    Step 6 - Request Changes to Schedule

    • Available during orientation & first 3 days of school...ONLY!
    • Absolutely NO email requests will be honored!