• CTE Month Make a Difference, Career and Technical Education

    February marks a special time to recognize and celebrate the incredible journey of Career and Technical Education (CTE).  CTE programs throughout Florida are rooted in limitless potential and hold the key to personal and professional growth. Duval County Public Schools (DCPS) is proud to honor our outstanding teachers, administrators, and school counselors during CTE Month.

    For students eager to fast-track their success, CTE is a ticket to a world of opportunities. With an astounding 15 of 17 career pathways offered by the state to choose from in Duval County, students can gain essential skills through immersive, hands-on experiences. These programs are not only accessible but also affordable and can be completed in a year or less, opening doors to careers with high-wage potential.

    Students in CTE courses benefit from strong industry partnerships, clear pathways to industry certifications and degrees, as well as the opportunity to receive hands-on, job-specific training. CTE teachers are dedicated to helping students prepare for their next step after graduation.

    DCPS recognizes CTE Month as an opportunity to inform our stakeholders about the importance of CTE and the opportunities that exist to prepare students for their future endeavors. A collaboration with Duval County Public Schools CTE and your business can tangibly help prepare tomorrow’s adults for the workforce. Partnerships bring financial and human resources to the classroom, making programs more authentic and industry relevant.

    There are opportunities for industry and business representatives to join advisory boards, host tours, be guest speakers, provide internships, etc.  If you are interested in CTE or want to link your organization to help students visualize and chart a plan for their future, provide hands-on experience and expand their professional networks through work-based learning, please contact:  

    Nyree Bowen-Tennant

    Coordinator, Career and Technical Education

    Duval County Public Schools


    Office: 904-390-2296

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