• At NMS, students are required to wear uniforms. 
    Monday – Friday:
        6th Grade - Yellow or Gold Collar Shirt 
        7th Grade - Black Polo Collar Shirt
        8th Grade - White or Light Gray Collar Shirt
    Khaki or Black. 
    Black or White Shoes; No Heels. 
    Physical Education Classes:
    White T-shirt & Black Shorts or Sweat Pants 
    ♦ Head coverings, including, but not limited to, caps, hats, bandannas/ scarves, hair curlers, and/or sunglasses, shall not be worn on school property, unless required by a physician or authorized by school personnel.  
    ♦ All shirts are required to be tucked in while on campus.                            
    ♦ The waistband of any garment should not be worn below the hips. It is your responsibility to have a belt if needed.