• Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

    Arrival Procedures:

    School Arrival (8:00 AM-8:25 AM)

    · Please do not drop off your student prior to this time, as there is no supervision.

    · We are asking that kids arrive closer to 8:25am since breakfast will not start until then.

    · All students will be greeted and will have their temperatures checked (touchless thermometers) when they arrive to school. Only those students who pass the screening will be admitted to class. Students who do not pass the screening will be escorted to a designated area near the Main Office to contact parents/guardians.

    · Parents/guardians may not walk their students into the building. If parents/guardians choose to walk with their student to the entrance ONLY, social distancing will be expected at all times.

    · All students will sit outside of their classroom in the hallways with facial coverings.

    · Students who arrive late must enter at the front door of the main office accompanied by a parent/guardian for a temperature check (touchless thermometers). Parents/guardians must wait for the temperature check prior to drop off.

    · ALL Car riders- Temperature checks (touchless thermometers) will be taken by Ms. Johnson and Ms. Smith prior to the student getting out of the car.

    · Bus riders- Students will be greeted at the bus loop by Ms. Brass. All bus riders will have their temperature taken (touchless thermometers) as they exit the bus.

    · Walkers- Students will be greeted at the entrance by Ms. Adkins. Temperature checks (touchless thermometers) will be taken.

    Dismissal Procedures: 

    Dismissal Procedures – Early Check-Out

    · If parents/guardians wish to check-out their students early, they will be asked to call the school when they are in the front parking lot/loop and meet a staff member at the front door.

    · The student will be called to the front office with their belongings and walked to the front door.

    · A staff member will check the ID of the parent/guardian and sign out the student for documentation.

    · No early checks out after 2:00 PM on regular school days.

    · No early check outs after 12:15 PM on Early Release days.

    Dismissal Procedures – General

    · Students will shift to dismissal areas with an assigned teacher.

    · Social Distancing will be enforced during dismissal.

    · VPK and PreK DD and CSS Car riders will dismiss at 2:00pm. VPK behind the Cafeteria. DD and CSS Car riders only in the front of the school. Dismissal will be over by 2:40pm.

    · Bus and Daycare will dismiss at 2:45pm. Bus riders will be escorted to the bus loading zone after they are called. Daycare will be picked up from classes and escorted the area behind the cafeteria for dismissal.

    · K-5th Car Riders will be escorted by an assigned teacher to the Music and STEM Lab. They will be called via walkie talkie and then escorted to their cars.

    · TEAM Up will begin on August 31st. Students will sit in the hallway on assigned circles (6 feet away) until they transition to the cafeteria for snack and check in.