• Strategic Plan
    Every student is inspired and prepared for success in college or a career, and life.
    To provide educational excellence in every school, in every classroom, for every student, every day.
    Core Values
    We expect the highest standards throughout our organization from the School Board and Superintendent to the student. 
    We foster positive relationships based on mutual respect, transparency, honesty, and the consistent demonstration of actions.
    We create dynamic systems and processes that solve problems and overcome challenges. 
    We promote an environment that ensures equal opportunity, honors differences, and values diversity. 
    We are a community of individuals who share a collective responsibility to achieve our common mission. 
    Develop Educators and Leaders
    Provide teachers and students with the tools and resources necessary to meet the demands of the Common Core Standards and students' individual needs. 
    Recruit, employ, and retain high quality, diverse teachers, instructional leaders, and staff.
    Provide ongoing professional learning and support to develop all teachers, instructional leaders, and staff. 
    Engage Parents, Caregivers, and Community
    Establish and sustain  a culture that is collaborative, transparent, and child-centric.
    Create a welcoming, respectful, and responsive environment for all stakeholders that leads to open lines of communication. 
    Expand partnerships and ensure alignment between district strategic plan and community, government, non-profit, and business initiatives.  
    Ensure Effective, Equitable, and Efficient Use of Resources
    Ensure the use of district funds is transparent, strategic, and aligned. 
    Distribute district-wide programs and resources in an equitable manner. 
    Deploy information technology that supports the academic needs of all students, teachers, and staff. 
    Develop the Whole Child
    Facilitate and align effective academic, health, and social-emotional services for students based on needs. 
    Address the needs of all students with multiple opportunities for enrichment. 
    Encourage positive behavior, respect towards others, and ensure safe environments throughout the school district.