Agriscience & Veterinary Assisting Academy

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    Biotechnology and Vet Assisting Academy

    Academy Mission

    The Agriscience-Biotechnology/Vet-Assisting Academy inspires youth through agricultural and veterinary education through leadership and career opportunities both within and beyond the school walls.

     FAMILY: Forever and Always Making Inspiration in the Lives of Youth.  


    Students in the Agriscience Academy will be empowered and prepared for a career in agriculture through technology and innovations. Every student will leave with knowledge and skills that will give them an upper hand in the competitive field of agriculture and animal sciences.


    Goals and Benchmarks for the Agriscience


    Goal 1: Prepare Students for Success in College or in the workplace:

    • 50% of Academy graduates will have taken at least one advanced placement course by graduation

    • 85% of Academy students will have taken at least 1 honors, AP, and/or Dual enrollment course by graduation

    • 100% of academy students will pass at least one industry certification by graduation.

    • Agriscience instructors and academic cohort teachers will meet 2 times per month to plan rigorous and relevant integrated lesson plans for academy students

    • Students will have an opportunity to attend at least one college/career fair event per school year


    Goal 2: Build partnerships with community and business partners that promote hands-on experiences in academy careers.

    • At least six local community & business partners will be active members on the Peterson’s Agriscience Biotechnology and Vet Assisting Career Academy advisory board each year.

    • The advisory board will meet at least four times per year to work together to improve the  academy and provide suggestions for experiences and post-secondary options to students.

    • 100% of academy students will have an opportunity to participate in at least four (one/year) regional/state or national career events in FFA.

    • 100% of academy students will earn hours toward their vet assisting certification each year, culminating in on-the-job training, internships, or job shadowing during their senior year.


    Goal 3: Students will apply knowledge gains in the areas of agriculture by completing supervised agricultural experiences.

    • Agriscience students will complete at least one supervised agricultural events/year.

    • A calendar of events will be made available to students, parents, and business & community partners along with information about how to participate in the events each year.


    Goal 4: Recruit a diversity of students for the academy to ensure equity.

    • Recruit at middle schools with diverse student bodies during the 2015-2016 school year.

    • Have FFA officers, especially current year president, speak to potential students about the benefits of the academy during Open Houses.




    Please check the calendar for updated Academy & FFA events:

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