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    Mission and Vision

    Frank H. Peterson Academy of Communications is a safe and orderly learning community. The Communications Academy offers high quality academic programs and career centered education. The Academy supports the development of students’ work ethic, self-esteem, respect, tolerance and a sense of self worth and personal responsibility. Additionally, the school provides a strong work foundation for students to be life-long learners and productive employees in today’s rapidly expanding communications field.

    Communications SMART goals:

    1. Reading: 80% of seniors will be proficient in reading by graduation.

    2. Math: 65% of seniors will be proficient in math by graduation.

    3. Career readiness: 60% percent of seniors will achieve at least one industry certification by graduation.

    • Photoshop CC
    • Premier Pro CC
    • Illustrator CC
    • InDesign CC

    4. Each senior communications student will successfully complete a digital portfolio and review with a minimum of five artifacts.

    5. Each communications student will have the opportunity to participate in at least one career and one college experience per academic year.

    6. Students will participate in at least one Professional Experience Day per academic year.


    Communication Academy Goals 


    • To: PREPARE students for success in college and/or the workforce.
    • To: ENSURE that students’ develop clear and effective communication skills.
    • To: ENHANCE specific areas of interest in all communications field of study. 
    • To: ESTABLISH a behavioral environment that promotes professional and mutual respect.
    • To: CHALLENGE each student to develop a love of learning.
    • To: PROMOTE academic excellence in all classes.
    • To: INGRAIN in each student the value of teamwork.

      Preparing for a Future in Communications 

      Students in the Communications Academy are prepared for industry certification in a wide range of fields.  During their course of study, students regularly receive on-the-job training through available internships.
       Communications Communications
      Communications Communications