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    Welcome to the Culinary Arts Academy!


    Mission Statement

    Our mission is to provide a specialized four-year program designed to prepare students for college, careers, and industry certification(s) leading to a rewarding career in the field of Culinary Arts.


    Goal 1: Prepare students for success in college and the workplace

    • 50% of culinary graduates will have taken at least 1 Advanced Placement course
    • 75% of culinary students will have taken at least 1 Honors, AP, and/or DE course
    • At least 80% of graduating seniors will earn the ServSafe and/or ProStart culinary industry certification
    • Culinary instructors and academic cohort teachers will meet 2 times per month to plan rigorous and relevant integrated lesson plans for academy students
    • Students will have an opportunity to attend at least 1 college/career fair event per school year

    Goal 2: Build relationships with business and community partners in the culinary profession that provide opportunities for “hands-on” real world experiences as they relate to the culinary industry
    • At least 6 local culinary business partners will be an active member on Peterson’s Culinary Arts Academy Advisory board
    • The Advisory board will meet at least 4 times per year to work together to improve the culinary academy and provide suggestions for “real world” experiences and post-secondary options for students
    • Culinary students will have an opportunity to participate in at least 3 regional/state and or national Career and Technical Student Organization competition activities
    • Culinary students will have an opportunity to participate in at least 1 culinary related community service activity per school year

    Goal 3:  Offer students opportunities to extend their culinary experiences through guest speaker presentations, internships, part-time jobs, volunteer opportunities and exposure to college and career options
    • Provide at least 5 on campus culinary related guest speaker engagements per school year
    • Provide at least 3 on campus college presentations
    • 80% of graduating seniors will have participated in at least one culinary related, internship, part-time job, community service and/or volunteer experience opportunity related to the culinary industry
    • Provide an opportunity for ALL culinary students to gain “hands-on” experience working in a professionally inspected and licensed commercial kitchen environment

    Goal 4: Students will apply knowledge gained in the area of culinary arts by completing a capstone project
    • Implementation of a senior capstone project.