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    Duval County Public Schools would like to thank our many business partners that continue to remain committed to supporting us in providing educational excellence in every school, in every classroom, for every student, every day! 

    The Department of Family and Community Engagement actively promotes relationships between local businesses (large corporations and small businesses) to improve public education. The goal is to establish partnerships with the business community by aligning mutually beneficial relationships between the business sector and public schools and/or the district. Business partners make financial contributions, in-kind contributions, and/or donate their time as volunteers.

    Examples of support include, but are not limited to:

    • Incentives for students (gift cards, coupons, certificates, etc.)
    • Mentoring services to students/teams
    • Participation/hosting of special events
    • Internships, job shadowing, service projects
    • School beautification & hands-on projects

    While partnerships can be formed with any school, some schools are in greater need due either to a lack of existing business partners or a student population who may be facing significant challenges. We encourage you to consider selecting a school that will provide the greatest impact for the investment of your time and resources.

    Several factors are considered when developing a partnership.  The main three factors are:

    1. The size and nature of your business 
    2. The time you have to contribute
    3. The needs of your partner school

    If your company is interested in connecting with schools and/or the district as a business partner, you can either contact the school you would like to partner with directly or contact Brandon Mack, Supervisor for Partnerships, Community Engagement, and Volunteer Services via email at or via phone at 904-390-2960 for more information and/or support in identifying a school. 

  • About the Business Partnership Agreements

    The below documents are designed to assist schools and partners with the framework for their partnerships once an agreement has been made about the terms of the partnership.  The Business Partnership Tier Levels document provides partners with the various levels at which they can support as well as ideas for how they can support both schools and various district initiatives.  The General Business Partnership Agreement applies only to partnerships with a cash value below $2,500.  The remaining partnership agreements are labeled according to the levels of giving within the Business Partnership Tier Levels document and are for contributions valued at $2,500 or above.    

Business Partnership Agreements

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    Brandon Mack


    Partnerships, Community Engagement and Volunteer Services