• The Information Technology courses prepares students for college and careers in computer technology. The coursework involves using best practices to complete real-world activities to offer students the understanding and use of emergent technologies whether it is for the career seekers or for the college bound. 
    Currently courses offer opportunities for students to earn industry certifications.  These certifications give employers confidence that the student has basic understanding of technology skills that are now ready to be put to task in the work force.  Basic certification awards include business technology fields, web design, digital media design, and media production.
    Industry certifications to be earned through the following:
                       Adobe Certified Associate logo                 Microsoft logo
    Congratulations to the following students for earning Certification status for the 2020-2021 school year!!
    Kai Andrews - Adobe - Premier Pro
    Tamara Chilibiiska - Microsoft MTA - Introduction to Programming using HTML and CSS
    Chase Downey - Adobe - Premier Pro
    Alison Hafner - Microsoft MTA - Introduction to Programming using HTML and CSS
    Mackenzie Kluge - Microsoft MTA - Introduction to Programming using HTML and CSS
    Sabino Martinez - Microsoft MTA - Introduction to Programming using HTML and CSS
    Mason Pennington - Adobe - Premier Pro
    Karina Santiago - Microsoft MTA - Introduction to Programming using HTML and CSS
    Jordan Simms - Adobe - Premier Pro
    Brandt Stoker - Adobe - Premier Pro
    Lucas West - Microsoft MTA - Introduction to Programming using HTML and CSS
    Nino Yaccino - Adobe - Premier Pro

CTE Announcements

  • ACHS CTE Academies Banner

    Growing our Academies!  

    Could you be the one? Do you have skills in the Communications Engineering or Internet Technology fields? Atlantic Coast High School is growing. Not only do we have AP and honors programs, but we are also slated to open the 2020-2021 school year with four academies that align with the most recent needs assessment in the career world for Jacksonville and beyond.
    The academies we are growing are
    Digital Audio/Visual Communications
    Gaming and Simulation
    Web Development Technologies
    To grow our academies, we want to make sure we are on point with the needs of these careers. That is where you come in. Ideally, each of these programs will have their own unique governance advisory board. The focus of the board is to help direct the program so that our students have the best experiences aligned with the real-world workforce. Quarterly meetings allow members to discuss and/or review the activities, successes, and needs currently affording students. Other discussions involve team influence in the direction for future opportunities as it relates to workforce needs in the career community.
    We are looking for industry-involved people, parents and students who have an interest in our academies, as well leaders in college and technical career institutions. Please complete the form below if you have interest in being a part of any of our advisory boards. If you know of people in these fields who may be interested, please tag them on this post.
    Thanks for any assistance you can provide to help Atlantic Coast grow our budding academies.
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  • Career and Technical Education Brochure

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  • The newest member of the ACHS CTE family

    Engineering at ACHS

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  • Chad Cushnir
    Department Coordinator
  • Course Offerings

    Computer Science Content
      AP Computer Science Principles !!
    Digital and Multimedia Technology
      Multimedia Digital/Print Design
      TV Production (1 and 2) ++
    Engineering & Technology
      Introduction to Engineering Design
      Principles of Engineering
      Digital Electronics
    Game/Simulation/Animation Programming
      Digitial Information Technology
      Game & Simulation Foundations
      Multi-user Game & Simulation Programming
      Digital Information Technology 
      Foundations of Web Design $$
      User Interface Design
      AP Computer Science Principles !!
    %% Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop CS6
    ++ Adobe Certified Expert in Premier Pro CS6
    $$ Microsoft Industry Certifications:
    !! Advanced Placement course
       offering college credit