• Mathematics
    Graduation Requirements: 
    Four (4) high school math credits taken in middle or high school
    One (1) Algebra I - required
    One (1) Geometry - required
    One (1) Algebra II - required
    One (1) additional mathematics course
    NOTE:  Beginning 2012-2013 school year, students transferring from out of state, private or home school with earned credits in courses for which the state has an End of CourseExam (EOC) will be required to take the state EOC for validation of the credit unless the school system from which the student came had a State End of Course Exam in that subject.
  • Joey Frencl
    Department Coordinator
  • Course Offerings
    AP Calculus
    AP Statistics
    Algebra I, II
    Algebra II Honors
    Financial Algebra
    Geometry Honors
    Intensive Math
    Math for College Readiness