• Teacher

    Congratulations! You have been offered a teaching position. There are several steps required to officially make you a part of the DCPS team.

    • Step 1 – Eligibility Determination

      • To be at this step, the principal/administrator of the school interested in hiring you for a vacant position has submitted an employment eligibility review form. The staffing team will verify that you are eligible for the assigned position and email you to schedule your set-up appointment

    • Step 2 – New Hire Processing Appointment

      • If you meet the eligibility requirements, HR will email you a set up appointment with your paperwork attached.

        If at any time you have questions, please refer to the contact information provided in the email you were sent
    • Step 3 – Benefits Information

      • Prior to your appointment you should review the benefits package offered through the district. You may pick up an information packet from the school board prior to your appointment, or simply view them online.

    • Step 4 – At Your Appointment  

      • You will turn in your completed employment paperwork and required documents.

      • You will select your health care providers and review additional benefits.

      • You will be fingerprinted and receive a DCPS ID badge (if required). Refer to your set-up forms for information regarding fingerprint payment.

    • Step 5 – Certification Requirements

      • If you do not have a valid Florida Educator Certificate or Statement of Eligibility, you must apply at least 48 hours prior to your set-up appointment (refer to your set-up paperwork). The Florida Department of Education provides step-by-step information regarding certification on their website.

      • The DCPS certification team will review certification requirements and answer any questions you may have during your set-up appointment.

    • Step 6 - Get Ready
    • Now is a good time to get a head start.  Whether you are in your first or 21st year of teaching, visit our  Professional Development page for helpful resources to better prepare you for your first day.

    Probationary Period

    Initial annual contracts include a 196-day probationary period during which time the employee’s contract may be terminated without cause.