• First Grade

    Dear First Grader,

    We are excited to meet you!  Get ready; we have a great year of learning and fun in store for you! To prepare for our academic adventure, please bring the supplies listed on the supply sheet to orientation on Friday, August 11th, 10am-11am, or on the first day of school, August 14th.

    In order to be ready to start learning on the first day of school, you should:

    • Read for at least 20 minutes every single day over the summer. Remember to use the reading strategies that you learned in Kindergarten to solve tricky words.
    • If you have a computer, you can go on websites like i-Ready.com, abcya.com, Starfall.com and storylineonline.net. These are great websites with free reading and math games that are fun and can help you learn!
    • Practice your neatest handwriting by writing stories about fun activities you do over the summer.
    • Work on counting and writing your numbers 1-120.
    • Begin practicing your addition and subtraction facts 0-20.
    • Have lots of fun!

    Enjoy your summer and get ready for a great year.  We look forward to meeting you in August!


    TLAE’s First Grade Teachers