Kindergarten Enrollment


    Enrollment is the first step on the journey. It’s the beginning of an exciting time for the family. Preparation is the key to making enrollment successful. Getting the proper required documentation. What you’ll need to in order will make the process efficient. Florida laws for children are very specific. Review them and be sure you are in compliance. All children must attend school until they reach the age of 16. This is Florida law.



    Kindergarten Enrollment Information:


    Kindergarten registration is now open at all elementary schools. Children are eligible to enroll in public school kindergarten if they have attained age 5 on or before September 1 of the current school year. (1003.21.2,F.S.)


    Before admittance to kindergarten this fall, the principal shall require evidence of the child’s age which should be documented by one of the following:


    •Birth certificate

    •Certificate of Baptism

    •Insurance policy on the child’s life, which has been in force for at least 2 years

    •Bona fide religious record of child’s birth with sworn affidavit by the parent

    •Passport or certificate of arrival in the United States indicating the age of the child

    •Affidavit of age sworn by parent and signed by a public health official

    In addition to the proof of age, the principal shall also require the following for children registering for kindergarten:


    •Certificate of a school entry health examination performed within one year on enrollment

    •Immunization record

    •Proof of home address

    •Social security number (optional)


    •Parents will also be required to complete the kindergarten dismissal form

     To determine which school your student is zoned to attend, click here.