• Teachers of Tomorrow (TOTs)
                  Image of schoolhouse with the words Teachers of Tomorrow

    Teachers of Tomorrow (TOTs) get the opportunity to assist an assigned teacher with their classroom needs each morning.  TOTs must be great citizens, school leaders, and adhere to the Duval County Code of Conduct at all times. In order to be a true leader and respected role model, TOTs must realize the importance of always making the right choice, even when off duty. Through their service, TOTs become more responsible and self-reliant, and continue to develop a desire for helping others.

    TOTs are assigned to teachers who rely daily on their assistance.  Therefore, attendance and punctuality are essential qualities for this commitment.  All TOTs must arrive at school by 8 a.m. every morning.  Check in will be on the sign in sheet in Mrs. Mahoney’s room.  Siblings may not wait or go to duty with TOTs.

    TOTs are role models for the rest of the student body and must wear their school uniform and badge at all times. 

    Receiving a “D” in any subject will result in probation and/or dismissal from TOTs.  If a TOT receives a “B” or lower in conduct, they will be automatically and permanently removed from their TOT status.  All issues and concerns are submitted to the Student Leadership Team for review.

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