• Environmental Print Series

    Environmental Print Series is a comprehensive, standards-based language arts curriculum for students with significant cognitive disabilities. It was developed for both verbal and nonverbal students.  The program is fully scripted and integrates forms of environmental print such as road signs and indoor signs into the story lines of books about adolescent characters. It includes a wide variety of manipulatives that allow students to demonstrate comprehension and content mastery. The text in books and activity sheets is supported by SymbolStix® from News-2-You®, making the program accessible to nonreaders of all ages.  Program Themes include signs and community-based instruction activities related to four environments: Streets and Roads, Restaurants, Work Places and Community Places. Lessons focus on these Language Arts Standards: Concepts of Print, Main Character, Character Traits, Setting, Cause and Effect, and Main Idea. The Environmental Print Series has been developed so that all questions asked in the lessons can be answered verbally or nonverbally so that all students can participate.

    For more information, please visit http://www.pcieducation.com/epss/default.aspx