• The PCI Reading Program is a Research-Based, Evidence-Based Reading Program for Students with Intellectual Disabilities:  It was designed for student success and features 62 engaging, age-appropriate student books. The program provides a method for continuous progress monitoring and integrates evidence-based teaching strategies in easy-to-follow lesson cycles.   This three-level program incorporates high-frequency words and real-world words within a comprehensive program of instruction, practice, and assessment. Nonreaders become readers through a system of repetition, hands-on practice, errorless discrimination, controlled reading, and high-interest activities.

    Designed as a three-level system, the PCI Reading Program helps nonreaders learn to read step by step, first through whole-word visual discrimination and then through basic decoding using onsets and rimes. As students progress through the three levels, they learn to read 405 words and become more and more independent in their ability to decode unknown words.

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