• Second Step: Social Skills Curriculum

    The Second Step program is designed to teach the skills students need to succeed socially and academically. Each grade level features developmentally appropriate ways to teach core social-emotional skills such as empathy, emotion management, problem solving as well as self-regulation, executive function skills, and Skills for Learning.  The program is based on the latest research and fully scripted with media-rich lessons. It includes academic integration activities, family materials and online training and resources.  In the upper grades, the program teaches empathy and communication, emotion-management and coping skills and decision making. These skills help students stay engaged in school, make good choices, set goals, and avoid peer pressure, substance abuse, bullying, and cyber bullying.  Media-rich lessons include: Individual, partner, and group activities, interactive exercises and games, skill-practice demonstrations, and interviews with real students.

    For more information, please visit http://www.cfchildren.org/second-step/middle-school.aspx