• Occupational and Physical Therapy
    Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy are educationally based programs provided to eligible students who are in need of restoration of neuromuscular or sensory motor functioning, relief of pain or control of postural deviations. To be eligible for services, the student must have physical impairments, motor deficits or delays which interfere with learning. To qualify for services a student typically has a neurological or orthopedic diagnosis (e.g., developmental delay, cerebral palsy, head injury, genetic syndrome, spina bifica or occupational therapist licensed in the state of Florida.) A medical prescription referral is required. Program services may be provided through one or more of the following school models: individual therapy, group therapy, consultation with teacher and parent and staff training in order to carry out and continue therapeutic measures in the classroom.
    Our occupational therapists work within the school setting helping the teacher to modify activities and the classroom environment for the student. The goal of the occupational therapist is to help the student become more independent at school and at home. Areas of focus include oral-motor skills, fine motor tasks, gross motor tasks, daily living skills, perceptual motor development, functional use of arms and hands, positioning, wheelchair monitoring and evaluation, equipment monitoring, assistive technology and sensory integration.
    Our physical therapists work within the school setting to encourage advancement of gross motor skills such as floor mobility, sitting, standing, walking and running. Some students need to learn these skills for the first time and others need to maintain skills. Areas of focus include positioning, M.O.V.E. Program, gait training, equipment use, wheelchair monitoring/evaluation, therapeutic exercise, posture/balance and gross motor development.