• Multi-Sensory Integration

     Mt. Herman has a multi-sensory area that provides a relaxing, non-threatening atmosphere where students are able to explore and participate in various sensory activities. Students who spend time in the multi-sensory area have been found to decrease self-abusive behaviors, have less stress, increase trust in caregivers, relax muscles of those with very high tone, and increase environmental awareness.

    Unique fiber optic light sprays gently change color and arouse curiosity to manipulate, explore and investigate. Aromatherapy, with the use of essential oils, is used to help calm the student who is hyperactive or stimulate the student with a severe cognitive disability so that they may interact within their environment more appropriately. Music, ranging from classical to new age to sounds of nature, provides an auditory background which helps students to relax and enjoy their multi-sensory experience.  Tactile experiences range from playing in pudding to feeling and rolling bike tires. Exposure to multiple textures helps students to better understand their environment.


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